Omsk "Avangard" defeated "Sochi" in the KHL match

The hockey club Avangard from Omsk won the third victory. In the next match, the Omsk team turned out to be stronger than the Sochi team.

The Avangard-Sochi game ended with the score 4:1. Semyon Chistyakov Reed Boucher, Kristian Yarosh and Nail Yakupov became the authors of goals in the Omsk team. The only goal for the home team - the Sochi team - was scored by Nikita Popugaev.

The current victory of Avangard was the third in a row after a series of defeats. Omsk residents will play the next match on Friday, September 23, with the Torpedo team.

Earlier, "MK in Omsk" wrote about where in the city a large Avangard fan zone will be opened.

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