Oil supplies to Slovakia via Druzhba suspended due to problems with electricity

Oil pumping to Slovakia via the southern branch of the Druzhba oil pipeline has been suspended due to power outages. Oil is supplied to the Czech Republic, said Barbora Puttsova, press secretary of Mero, the operator of the Czech oil pipelines. Czech news agency.

“According to operational information, due to power failures, Russian oil supplies via the Druzhba pipeline from Ukraine to Slovakia were interrupted. The violation of oil supplies to the Czech Republic did not occur due to the sufficient volume of operational reserves located in Slovakia,” the statement said.

Yesterday, November 24, Transneft reported on the partial suspension of oil pumping through the Druzhba in the Ukrainian section. However, according to Transneft representative Igor Demin, this should not have affected Slovakia and the Czech Republic, “since there is a park where sufficient volumes are stored for work for several days.” The company later announced resumption oil supplies.

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Polina Sobakina

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