Odintsovo want to join in Moscow

The topic of joining the capital of the entire Moscow region or its individual parts arises regularly. Now the Odintsovo city district claims the status of another district of Moscow. Or rather, so far only the Odintsovo Initiative Public Movement.

On November 23, Georgy Gorodetsky, executive director of the Odintsovo Initiative movement, sent an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to support the idea of ​​holding a referendum among the residents of the Odintsovo urban district on joining Moscow. About it reported on the OINFO portal.

As indicated in the appeal, the holding of such a referendum was supported by 80% of the participants in the survey, which Odintsovo Initiative has been conducting for two months now. In addition, the author of the appeal points to the fact that there have already been precedents for joining certain territories of the Odintsovo urban district to the capital. So, in 2012, the territories of the village of Skolkovo and the settlements of Uspenskoye and Ershovskoye became part of the capital. In addition, as another argument "for" it is indicated that before Kuntsevo became a district of the capital, it included the settlements of Odintsovo, Bakovka and Nemchinovka.

“We urge you to support the initiative to hold a referendum (plebiscite) on the issue of unification of the Odintsovo urban district with Moscow, and also instruct the Government of Moscow and the Government of the Moscow Region, together with interested federal government bodies, in order to develop the Moscow region, to prepare an agreement on changing the boundaries between the city Moscow and the Moscow Region, with the subsequent submission of this agreement to the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for approval, ”the appeal says.

It is proposed to attach the Odintsovo urban district to Moscow within its current borders.


Odintsovo urban district is located in the west of the Moscow region. Its total area is 128,962.8 hectares, of which 35,331 hectares are agricultural land, and 57,906 hectares are forest fund lands. On the territory of the district there are 7 urban and 9 rural settlements, which include 237 settlements. Lives in the district, as of June 1, 2022, about 332.4 thousand people.

Alena Bodrienko.

Photo from the site oinfo.ru

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