November 25 - Treat your husband with nuts

November 25 - Treat your husband with nuts

November 25 in the folk calendar - Ivan the Merciful or Ivan the Snowy. Usually snowfalls begin from this day, winter is asserted in its rights.

Today, according to popular signs, in order for the future life to run smoothly, you need to forget about everything bad and tune in a positive way, especially since the day favors this. Make a gift to relatives, relatives or good friends, and good luck will not keep you waiting.

Feed your loved one well, but make sure that he does not overeat, otherwise health problems may appear. Do not serve spicy dishes to your husband - it is believed that then he can become angry and will be forever dissatisfied with everything. But if a grouchy spouse is given nuts to eat, then according to popular belief, he will become caring and affectionate.

Listen today to the advice or comments of your relatives - on this day they are likely to be useful.

You can safely go shopping on Ivan the Merciful. You can buy anything except shoes. There is a sign that if you buy shoes or boots on this day, and even with a girlfriend, you can lose your luck in love.

In general, today it is better to go to the store with men. According to legend, they become especially kind and generous to Ivan the Merciful, and therefore, if you ask well, they can fulfill your every whim.

Unmarried girls should also spend this day in a company in which there are men. Our ancestors believed that this would help in the near future to find a loved one and maybe even get married. But if you reject a marriage proposal today or refuse a date, you can forget about a serious relationship before Maslenitsa.

You can not refuse those who ask for help. According to signs, if you help someone today, in the future you yourself will receive help if you need it.

This day is bad for moving or starting a trip - this is fraught with failures and problems with finances. The risk today will also not be justified - it will not bring good luck.

In addition, you should not buy flowers today and transplant them - they will quickly wither, and besides, they can ruin relationships with loved ones.

Natural signs on November 25 are as follows:

- if it snows or rains - there will be no frost until December 4;

- if in the morning the trees are covered with snow crystals, it will freeze in the evening;

- if the frost hit - spring will come early;

- if the clouds float against the wind, it will soon begin to snow;

- if sparrows fly in flocks from place to place - to a strong wind.

Dreams that occurred on the night of November 25 may come true. And if you remember what you dreamed about, you can influence the present in the right way.

Alena Bodrienko.

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