“No one got infected”: Russians living in Ecuador described the situation with bananas

“No one got infected”: Russians living in Ecuador described the situation with bananas

“The president of the country believes that the loss is not great”

On February 5, Rosselkhoznadzor introduced a partial ban on the import of Ecuadorian bananas. A carrier of dangerous infections, a polyphagous humpback fly, was found in the product.

Ecuador has reoriented itself towards China. “The trade agreement has been reached. Banana exports will grow by 50 percent in the first five years,” the exporters association said.

Russians living in Ecuador told what they think about the situation in the country.

“In Ecuador, the topic of banning the import of bananas to Russia is discussed at every turn,” says Yulia. - They believe that the reason is political. Those who were involved in exporting the product are upset and understand that this will have a negative impact on business. In Ecuador, many Russians are engaged in bananas, and according to them, all products have the necessary certificates and quality standards. In any case, I haven’t heard from anyone here about the humpback fly. In Ecuador, no cases of infection have ever been detected after eating bananas.

According to the interlocutor, one variety of bananas was supplied to Russia, while in Ecuador there are many more: “I know seven varieties. Their prices here are much cheaper than in Russia. The cost depends on where to buy - on the market, on the road, on the coast. In the city, in a small store you can buy for a dollar (95 rubles) 10 sweet bananas or four green vegetable ones, they are called “platano” - these bananas are not eaten just like that, they must be cooked - boiled, fried. But on the side of the road you can buy a whole “head”, a bunch containing more than 50 bananas, for a dollar (95 rubles). The product is used everywhere here, but we use bananas without fanaticism. I’m generally indifferent to them.”

In addition to bananas, Ecuadorian carnations are also subject to a complete import ban. The interlocutor is surprised: “No one talks about this here. In Ecuador, the carnation is an unpopular flower. Rose is a completely different matter. While I do not see that the export of flowers to Russia has stopped, deliveries are ongoing. But there are rumors that they may ban the export of flowers before March 8.”

The news that China will now receive Ecuadorian bananas was commented on by knowledgeable people: “The agreement on the supply of bananas from Ecuador to China is old, it has now been reapproved. In fact, China has enough bananas, the country sells them itself, and they have suppliers nearby. Ecuador will probably have to supply them with the product at a bargain price.”

Local journalist Francisco Palma Sanchez commented on the situation: “In Ecuador, most people believe that this whole banana thing happened because of the supply of Soviet-era weapons to the Americans, who said they would send them to Ukraine. According to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture, banana deliveries were suspended not because of midges - they were not found when the products were shipped. This hits local farmers hard, since Russia is the second largest buyer of bananas from Ecuador. Farmers have already appealed to the president to resolve this issue. To which the head of state replied that there are other markets for bananas, the loss is not great.”

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