Nissan plant in St. Petersburg became the property of NAMI

The automobile plant in St. Petersburg became the property of the Research Automobile and Automotive Institute (NAMI), follows from the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

It is specified that the relevant changes were made to the constituent documents the day before, on November 23. Now 100% of the authorized capital of Nissan Manufacturing Rus, which manages a car plant in St. Petersburg, has been transferred to NAMI.

October 11 Ministry of Industry and Trade informed on the transfer of 100% of Nissan's assets in Russia, including the plant in St. Petersburg, to the FSUE NAMI subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is clarified that the Russian auto concern "AvtoVAZ". According to Vedomosti, the plant may begin to assemble Chinese cars of the FAW brand.

It was clarified that the deal provides for an option to repurchase "Nissan Manufacturing Rus» of its assets, which can be sold within the next 6 years. According to Vedomosti, Nissan sold its property in Russia to NAMI for one euro. In order to buy back the assets, the company will require compensation for the investments of the Russian Federal State Unitary Enterprise or its partner in the amount of up to 180 million euros, at the rate of 30 million euros per year.

After closing the deal in the Ministry of Industry and Trade admitted exclusion of Nissan cars from the list of goods imported under parallel imports, with good after-sales service for cars in Russia.

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