Nine goals scored in the quarterfinals of the Gagarin Cup: Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod lost to SKA in the second match of the series with a score of 5:4

Nine goals scored in the quarterfinals of the Gagarin Cup: Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod lost to SKA in the second match of the series with a score of 5:4

Nizhny Novgorod hockey club "Torpedo" in the second match of the playoff series of the Gagarin Cup lost to St. Petersburg SKA with a score of 5:4 (2:1, 3:3, 0:0). The score in the series was 2:0 in favor of the team from St. Petersburg, which managed to win both home games. The next two matches of the series will take place on the ice of the Nizhny Novgorod "Torpedo".

Our team opened the scoring in the third minute of the first period, despite the game in the minority. Belevich after a shot from close range sent a projectile into the net.

Unfortunately, the response of the owners of the ice was not long in coming. After only three minutes, SKA equalized the score in the match - Khairullin from the right edge completed the transfer to Glotov, and he managed to smuggle the projectile into the Torpedo goal net, leaving Kulbakov no chance.

At the fifteenth minute of the first period, the SKA players managed to take the lead - Zykov in a counterattack from St. Petersburg gave the transfer to Vorobyov, and he calmly rolled a projectile into the goal!

The first period ended with a score of 2:1 in favor of St. Petersburg SKA.

At the beginning of the second period, the Nizhny Novgorod team were able to even the score – Fedotov shot the puck from the right edge to the “penny”, and Mikheev managed to smuggle the projectile into the net with his skate! Magnificent goal!

A minute later, SKA hockey players again took the lead - Prokhorkin managed to complete the transfer to Galimov, and he hit the target with a biting throw. Emil celebrated the goal by sitting on the ice and imitating the movement in a boat with oars!

After the third puck thrown at the gates of Torpedo, SKA hockey players caught their courage. The fourth puck was not long in coming - Glotov gave to Khairullin, he brought Kamalov to the gate, but the hockey player did not immediately throw. As a result, he ended up outside the goal, after which he threw it along the frame so that it ricocheted from the goalkeeper into the net! The score in the match was 4:2.

Both teams went into open attacking hockey, which led to two more goals scored in the second period.

At first, our team reduced the gap in the score - after a throw from a Torpedo player, there was a rebound. As a result, the puck changed the direction of flight and flew into the net in front of the astonished Nikolaev!

SKA again managed to give a quick response to a missed puck - Gusev received a projectile from Yashkin unhindered on the left edge, after which he performed a shot at the opponent's goal, and the puck flew at great speed into the near corner! The gap again increased to two goals - 5:3 in the match.

At the very end of the second period, Torpedo hit the SKA gate for the fourth time - the puck bounced off Kamalov, hitting him on the skate. Kovalenko eventually got a clean exit to the gate and ferried the projectile into the net!

According to the results of two periods played, the score was 5:4!

In the third period, a stubborn struggle for the puck ensued, but the audience did not see abandoned pucks. The account remained unchanged.

Series with SKA moves to Nizhny Novgorod. Here our team will have a chance to level the score in the confrontation following the results of two home matches. The first home match of Torpedo against SKA will take place on March 20!

We believe in the team! Forward "Torpedo"!

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