Named new directions of direct flights from Russia abroad

Named new directions of direct flights from Russia abroad

On all four sides

Soon, direct flights will fly from Russia to four more countries of the world - this is reported by the authorized agency. It is known that applications submitted by carriers and tour operators are considered by a special commission and are not always approved. What countries got the go-ahead this time, and what does it give a simple Russian vacationer?

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, in 2023 it is planned to resume direct flights with Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia and Saudi Arabia. The department does not name the exact dates, stipulating that “work is moving forward in this direction.” This is encouraging, given that there is also a list of countries, the possibility of non-stop flights to which from the Russian Federation is only “considered” so far. These are Myanmar, Ethiopia, South Africa, Algeria and Tunisia.

- Myanmar was promised last year, - evaluate the message in the capital's travel agency. - Many people were interested in her, but more often as a transfer hub to neighboring Thailand, Bali or Vietnam. Alas, the promise has yet to be fulfilled. And the Ethiopian and Tunisian aircraft are already flying in the Russian Federation, but they are mainly employed by us, students and individual tourists from both sides. For a mass Russian tourist, this is too expensive; only charters will save tourism in Tunisia. Rest in Ethiopia, as well as in Mongolia with Saudi Arabia, no one is eager.

- And what about the already promised four?

- Before the pandemic, Vietnam was in good demand among those who love sea holidays in winter. Then, however, this direction was considered expensive, mainly because of the distance, the Vietnamese hotels themselves gave sane prices. But after the post-pandemic prices for Turkey and Egypt, tours to Vietnam no longer seem expensive. It all depends on ticket prices. Tourists from Siberia are already vacationing in Vietnam; something like a charter is organized from their region straight to Vietnamese resorts.

Tourist industry experts are unanimous in their opinion that the pre-pandemic interest of Russians in South Korea will also return - if only the cost of tickets turns out to be “lifting”.

- Although the country is not cheap and not all-weather, - remind the travel agency. - Ski season from late November to early April. Beach - only May or August, in June-July in Korea the rainy season, and in September the velvet season is already. Given the Korean prices, relentlessly striving up to the Japanese level, the South Koreans themselves have a rest in Vietnam, since they are not far away.

According to experts, of all the countries mentioned above, the Russian tourist can be pleased with South Africa - an interesting country with a good climate and developed tourist infrastructure. But the distance from Russia is so great that no one even hopes for affordable tickets.

- And here in Mongolia it is possible to start fur-tours, - the capital businesswoman reflects aloud. - They got used to laughing that there is steppe and steppe and nothing else. And there is such broadtail, which in Europe and the USA is considered a luxury and is sold for a lot of money.

I am interested in those who have still survived in the Russian tourist market, which of the already resumed direct flights from the Russian Federation abroad, except for Turkey and Egypt, are in demand today among ordinary Russian vacationers. It turns out that there are a little more than three dozen such countries, and about a third of the destinations are clearly not tourist destinations - Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkmenistan, Laos, etc.

- Wealthy citizens are interested in the Maldives and Seychelles, Thailand and Cuba helped out in winter due to relatively adequate prices for tour packages. But this winter's breakthrough is Sri Lanka. There have never been so many Russian tourists there as this winter.

As for Saudi Arabia, in light of the imminent onset of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (March 23 at sunset), direct flights there may be of interest to Russians planning to make a hajj - a pilgrimage to holy Mecca.

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