MPs allowed themselves to publish income declarations in anonymized form

The State Duma adopted in the third reading law, which will allow depriving municipal and regional deputies of their powers for absenteeism. The law also provides for the exemption of municipal and regional parliamentarians working on a voluntary basis from the annual declaration of income. And declarations on incomes and property of senators and deputies will be published in a generalized form. The law will come into force on March 1.

According to the law, generalized statistical information on the submission of declarations by deputies will be placed on the network. This will affect the reporting of deputies at all levels, including the State Duma, as well as senators of the Federation Council.

Also, deputies who exercise their powers on a non-permanent basis will be exempted from the annual declaration of income. At the same time, they will have to submit declarations as candidates for deputies if transactions were made during the year that exceeded the income of the deputy and his wife for the last three years.

“I want to emphasize that we are talking about the protection of personal data, data on family composition, etc. State Duma deputies and senators, of course, will continue to submit declarations and disclose the necessary information to all authorized bodies in accordance with the law. All existing mechanisms for filing declarations, the composition of information, verification, etc. - everything remains unchanged. There is no question of reducing control, ”the press service of the State Duma quotes the words of deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov.

The law will also allow terminating the powers of regional and municipal deputies if they miss meetings of their legislative assemblies for more than six months without good reason. Chairmen of regional legislative assemblies are also required to work only on a permanent basis.

Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov spoke "Kommersant" that the abolition of the public declaration of property for parliamentarians is necessary for the "protection of personal data." In turn, Senator Alexander Bashkin declaredthat the law will prevent declarations from falling into the hands of "enemies", in particular those who impose sanctions against Russia. In the Kremlin promisedthat parliamentarians will continue to file income declarations. By information Vedomosti, employees of the presidential administration and members of the government may also begin to publish their declarations in an anonymized form.

More details - in the material "Kommersant" "Impersonal Income".

Olesya Pavlenko

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