Moscow is in third place in terms of the number of NTO participants

Moscow is in third place in terms of the number of NTO participants

Registration of schoolchildren in grades 5-11, as well as students of colleges and universities for the eighth National Technological Olympiad this year, has ended. In total, almost 135 thousand applications were submitted. Of these, Moscow accounted for 15,172 applications. This is the third place in terms of the number of applications submitted: in the first place - the Moscow region (almost 32 thousand applications), in second place with a tiny margin from the capital St. Petersburg (15,179 applications).

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The National Technological Olympiad is the country's largest team engineering competition for schoolchildren and students. This year it is held in 39 profiles, which were created jointly with leading technology companies and universities. Two-thirds of these areas, that is, 28, are included in the list of the Russian Council of School Olympiads (RSOS) for the 2022/23 academic year, approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia. This means that victory in these profiles gives high school students the opportunity to enter the country's leading technological universities without entrance exams or to count their achievement as 100 points in the USE profile subject.

As Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko noted, the tasks of the Olympiad are aimed at developing young people's interest in research and the creation of new innovative technologies.

— More than 135,000 schoolchildren and students from 25 countries have registered for the tests. I would like to note that more than 50,000 of them take part in the Olympiad for the second time,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko. — This indicates the high interest of young people in the creation of new technologies, which we always support.

The participants of the competition will complete tasks in such areas as computer science, mathematics, physics, biology, geography, chemistry, technology and social science. In each direction, knowledge will be tested in two subjects related to the subject of the profile. After that, the second qualifying round will begin. It will be held in a team format. Based on the results of the second qualifying stage of the NTO for grades 8-11, finalists will be determined who will take part in the final stage of the Olympiad. The results of the eighth season of NTO will be summed up in April 2023.

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