Moscow is a city of students

Moscow is a city of students

January 25 - Tatyana's Day, as well as the Day of Russian Students. How many students are in the city, which alma maters “nourish” them, how exactly they study - this is reported by Mosstat. Let's take a look at his numbers.

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There are 77 state and municipal universities in our capital, plus another 69 private ones. In the Moscow region - much less: state and municipal - 14, private - 10.

In 2021, 759 thousand students studied in Moscow. Most of them - 500 thousand - are full-time. The second place is occupied by part-time education: 171 thousand - in correspondence and another 87.8 thousand - in the evening.

Boys and girls were distributed among the Moscow students almost equally: 51.9% - girls, 48.1% - boys.

In 2021, 232,200 applicants entered the capital's universities: 153,300 people for full-time departments, 5,800 for correspondence departments, and 2,400 for evening departments.

In the same year, 157,700 people graduated from universities. Of these, 100,900 full-time students, 42,800 part-time students, 12 thousand gnawed at the granite of science in the evening form of education.

The majority of Moscow students - 60.4% - pay for their education on their own. 38.4% studied at the expense of the federal budget. The study of the rest was paid by the subjects of the Russian Federation.

A little about success. In 2021, 1,947 Moscow students received diplomas externally. 487 people have earned scholarships from the President of the Russian Federation. Scholarships of the Government of the Russian Federation went to 857 Moscow students.

In addition, 4,123 students received various nominal scholarships. In order to get it, one must not only study well (and ideally, excellent) but also show outstanding abilities in educational and scientific activities. For example, take a prize at the Olympiad, win a creative competition, make a scientific discovery, create more than two inventions, publish scientific articles in leading publications.

Legal entities paid scholarships to 716 Moscow students. Another 12 students received scholarships from individuals - philanthropists.


Photo by Igor Ivanko / Moskva Agency

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