Military correspondents report a full-scale but failed offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kremennaya

As informs The telegram channel of the Russian military officers of the SVO Senior Edda, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a full-scale offensive near the city of Kremennaya in the Severodonetsk district of the Luhansk region.

"In honor of Zelensky's birthday or for some other reason, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on a full-scale offensive against the positions of the 144th Motor Rifle Division (144th Guards Motorized Rifle Yelninskaya Red Banner, Order of the Suvorov Division - ed.) near Kremennaya," the report says.

It is specified that the offensive was carried out by forces up to a battalion, supported by four tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles and a dozen American Humvees.

"We went on the offensive according to all the rules of military science, processed our positions with artillery fire all night, went on the attack in the morning. The fighting went on until late in the evening, ... but the 144th Motor Rifle Division repelled all attacks. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, having suffered losses, rolled back to their original positions , now the artillery is working," the military correspondents write.

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