MIFF 2024: when and where it will be held, program, opening and closing films

MIFF 2024: when and where it will be held, program, opening and closing films


On April 2, the 2024 MIFF program became known. When and where the screenings of the Moscow International Film Festival will take place – in the Kommersant information.

When will MIFF 2024 take place?

Now the MIFF is considered the second oldest film festival in the world – after the Venice. The first Moscow International Film Festival took place in February-March 1935 under the chairmanship of Sergei Eisenstein.

The current 46th Moscow International Film Festival will be held from April 19 to 26 in Moscow.

What films will be shown at the MIFF

In total, 230 films from 50 countries will be shown at the 2024 MIFF. 11 films compete in the main competition:

  • “21 Rubies” directed by Ciprian Mega (Romania);
  • “Everything will be revealed” by Peter Keglewicz (Austria);
  • “Survive in the Mo…” by Grigore Becheta (Moldova, Russia, Romania);
  • “Breath of Cold” by Nahid Azizi Sedig (Iran);
  • “The Forest King” by Goran Radovanovic (Serbia, Bulgaria);
  • “Martin Reads the Koran” by Yuri Saule (Germany);
  • “Between a Dog and a Wolf” by Murat Duzgunoglu (Türkiye);
  • “Nirvana” by Asif Islam (Bangladesh);
  • “Alien” by Ivan Sosnin (Russia);
  • “Shame” by Miguel Salgado (Mexico, Qatar);
  • “Schlimazzle” by Silke Enders (Germany).

The “Russian Premieres” program will feature seven films:

  • “Evgeny Telegin” directed by Viktor Tikhomirov;
  • “Liar” by Yulia Trofimova;
  • “Man and Woman” by Vladimir Kott;
  • “We need to make films about love” by Roman Mikhailov;
  • “Nevada” by Anna Tyurina and Mathias Mus;
  • “Seven Black Papers” by Anatoly Koliev;
  • “The worst of all” by Alexander Karmaev.

The “First Series” program includes the following series:

  • “Track” (Russia);
  • “Project Prometheus” (Russia);
  • “Inhumans” (Slovenia);
  • “Pancho Villa” (Mexico);
  • “Lion Skin” (Iran);
  • “Visitor” (Iceland).

The BRICS competition included eight films from Russia, China, Iran, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Brazil:

“Nonnormal” directed by Ilya Malanin (Russia);

  • “Step to the Dream: Once and For All” by Dong Chengpeng (China);
  • “After Leaving” by Reza Neyati (Iran);
  • “Primitive” by Amitab Chaterjee (India);
  • “Seconds” by Lies Kuhn (South Africa);
  • “Desert Jockey” Abu Bakr Shawqi (Saudi Arabia, Egypt);
  • “Rat Hole” by Mohamed El-Samman (Egypt);
  • “Pureza” by Renato Barbieri (Brazil).

The short film program will feature 19 films, and the documentary program will feature 8 films from Russia, Finland, Iran, China, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico and Australia. According to one of the curators of the MIFF, Grigory Libergal, the program of documentaries “Free Thought” turned out to be “unexpectedly fun and entertaining”; there are only two serious films in it.

Opening film of MIFF-2024

The opening film of the 46th MIFF will be a Mexican film about a journey to the American border. This is the debut work of Mariana and Santiago Arriaga, Open Sky. The main roles in the film were played by actors Theo Goldin, Maximo Hollander and Federica Garcia.

The story begins when teenage brothers Salvador and Fernando steal their stepfather’s jeep and go in search of the person responsible for the car accident that killed their father. A little later, their half-sister Paula will join them. Along the way, all three must come to terms with loss and find themselves.

At the 2023 Venice Film Festival, the coming-of-age road movie was shown in the Horizons program. The script was written by the directors’ father Guillermo Arriaga. At one time, he became famous as the screenwriter of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film “Love Bitch.” The film “Bitch Love” was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film and received awards from film critics at the Cannes Film Festival.

Closing film of MIFF 2024

On April 26, the Moscow International Film Festival will close with the premiere of Oleg Trofimov’s film “Major Thunder: The Game.” The film is based on the comic book series “Major Thunder” by the Russian publishing house Bubble Comics. The main roles in it were played by Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Alexander Seteykin, Alexey Maklakov, Lyubov Aksenova, Sergey Goroshko and Konstantin Khabensky.

The new film about Major Thunder will show what happens a year after the events of the first part. The hero will face the test of glory and a new enemy – a mercenary nicknamed the Ghost. Major Thunder: The Game will be released in wide release on May 23, 2024.

Who is on the jury of MIFF 2024

The jury of the main competition of the MIFF included Icelandic director and producer Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Russian screenwriter and director Igor Voloshin, actress Elena Lyadova, Turkish documentary and feature film director Hussein Karabey.

Films from the “Russian Premieres” program will be appreciated by film producer Alexander Akopov, actress Tatyana Lyutaeva, director and screenwriter Andrei Zaitsev.

The jury of the documentary film competition included African documentarian Rehad Desai, Turkish screenwriter and director of non-fiction films Hakan Aytekin, Russian director and screenwriter Sergei Golovetsky.

The short films will be appreciated by Moroccan director and film critic Abdelila el-Jauharim, actress Maria Andreeva, and American director and producer Max Weisberg.


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