Media: The EU is discussing the introduction of a ceiling on prices for Russian oil

The European Union (EU), as part of a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, is studying the possibility of imposing a price ceiling on Russian oil, the Spanish newspaper reports. El Pais. According to BloombergEU countries want to reach an agreement on this issue within a few weeks.

Agency sources note that it is difficult to agree on a price ceiling, because the EU countries have "different energy needs." In addition, it is not yet known what the maximum allowable oil price will be and how this measure will be implemented along with the already agreed EU embargo on Russian oil, which will enter into force on December 5.

EU representatives will meet with the European Commission over the weekend to discuss new sanctions. In addition to restrictions on oil, restrictive measures are being discussed against a number of individuals and sectors - such as technology and luxury goods, according to Bloomberg interlocutors.

Discussing new restrictions began against the backdrop of planned referenda about accession to the Russian Federation of Donbass, as well as announced in Russia partial mobilization. G7 countries already agreed price limit for Russian oil. Under this mechanism introduce a ban on the sea transportation of Russian oil from December 5, a ban on the transportation of petroleum products - from February 5, 2023. 15 EU countries also spoke for a common ceiling on gas prices, but agree on it failed. Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation ruled out sale of gas or oil at a limited price.

Details - in the material "Kommersant" "Oil and gas covered ceilings".

Laura Keffer

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