Mandatory labeling of vapes in Russia may begin on December 15

It is planned to start mandatory labeling of nicotine-containing liquids from December 15, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade told TASS. The relevant draft resolution is already in the government.

Initially, they wanted to launch the labeling of liquids for vapes from November, but decided to postpone it for a month and a half. The ministry explained that it is planned to introduce labeling for electronic nicotine delivery systems, including nicotine-free ones, in cartridges, capsules, as well as as part of disposable electronic nicotine delivery systems.

The experiment on marking electronic cigarettes and the liquids used in them started on February 1. In July, the Ministry of Industry and Trade informedthat does not support the ban on electronic cigarettes. In August, the department suggested introduce their mandatory labeling. Since September, customs authorities have begun requiring importers of disposable electronic nicotine delivery devices to pay excise duty on the liquid they contain.

Details - in the material "Kommersant" "Customs let off steam".

Laura Keffer

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