Level Group // Company Profile

Founded by Rusagro co-owner and ex-senator Vadim Moshkovich and Kirill Ignakhin in 2016. The company's portfolio includes 12 residential construction projects. According to the information system "Nash.Dom.rf", the current volume of construction of the developer is 493 thousand square meters. m and is one of the ten largest companies in Moscow. The company's financial results are not disclosed, but Kirill Ignakhin, in an interview with Kommersant, said that the developer's revenue in 2022 will be about 60-65 billion rubles. According to Kartoteka.ru, Level Group LLC is 28.1% owned by Kirill Ignakhin, 3.5% by Level Development LLC, 3.41% by Alexander Merkulov and 65% by Financial Resource LLC, which until March 2022 was owned by Vadim Moshkovich. In March 2022, the European Union, Great Britain and Switzerland imposed sanctions against the businessman. After that, he left the founders of Financial Resource, transferring a 12% stake to his wife Natalia Bykovskaya.

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