Kyiv is at war with the dead: who, except Brezhnev, can be deprived of Ukrainian titles

Kyiv is at war with the dead: who, except Brezhnev, can be deprived of Ukrainian titles

"Patriots" of Ukraine got to Brezhnev. More than forty years after his death, it was decided to deprive the Secretary General of one of his many titles. From now on, Leonid Ilyich is no longer an Honorary Citizen of Kyiv. We remembered which other well-known politicians, figures of science, culture of the past and present can be under such a blow from our “yellow-Blakyt” neighbors.

“The Kiev City Hall today deprived the title of “Honorary Citizen of the City of Kyiv” of the Soviet statesman and party leader Leonid Brezhnev. ... 82 deputies voted for the relevant decision.” This message appeared on May 25 on the website of the Kyiv administration. It is explained that those in power in Kiev "debunked" the former leader of the USSR, continuing to implement the program of "liquidating the legacy of the former communist regime." Only 9 participants in the meeting did not want to offend the late Leonid Ilyich.

Judging by the mentioned text, Brezhnev has four more comrades in misfortune. These are Soviet figures who worked in senior positions in the CPSU, in the Soviet army or associated with the activities of the KGB.

By the Decree of May 25, Aleksey Epishev (general, head of the Main Political Directorate of the Soviet Army and Navy), Vitaliy Masol (member of the Central Audit Commission of the CPSU, Prime Minister of Ukraine in the period 1994-1995), Kirill Moskalenko (Marshal of the Soviet Union), Alexei Fedorov (Major General of the Soviet Army, during the war years - one of the leaders of the partisan movement). For company with them, the Kyiv deputies removed Comrade Truong Tinh from the "honorary" general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

It is interesting that once Leonid Ilyich became the very first honorary citizen of Kyivian. The title was awarded to him in May 1982.

If the Ukrainians continue their current policy of trampling on coffins, then one of their potential victims could be the late Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. After all, among the collection of awards that he had collected by the end of his life, there is the Ukrainian Order of Yaroslav the Wise, I degree.

The world-famous opera tenor Ivan Kozlovsky in March 1993 received the title of "People's Artist of Ukraine". Ivan Semenovich died almost 30 years ago, but what prevents the Kiev “creatives” from taking it and declaring: this owner of the “crystal voice”, who perfectly performed Ukrainian folk songs, among other things, now has no honorary titles in Ukraine?

Also, at one time, famous actors Kirill Lavrov, Alexei Petrenko, Leonid Bronevoy, director Roman Viktyuk, who did not survive to this day, were awarded the right to be called People's Artists of Ukraine (Bronevoy was the last citizen of the Russian Federation who was awarded such a title, it happened shortly before the Maidan - in November 2013.) Perhaps someone in Kiev would like to “cancel” them too ...

And the incomparable satirist writer Mikhail Mikhailovich Zhvanetsky? He, a citizen of the Russian Federation, but a true Odessa citizen, was awarded the title "People's Artist of Ukraine" on September 8, 1999. Now they think that it was done wrong?

And our wonderful singer Iosif Kobzon also received - back in 1991 - "Narodny" in Ukraine. However, in the spring of 2018, the then President Iosif Davydovich Poroshenko was deprived of this title. Even earlier, in the early autumn of 2014, in the wake of the anti-Russian hysteria that arose then among the "neighbors", Kobzon was deprived of the title of Honorary Citizen of Dnepropetrovsk, and soon after that, by decision of the local authorities, he ceased to be an Honorary Citizen of Poltava.

Several cases have already been noted when Russians who are now alive from among those who have previously been awarded some kind of title-title in Nezalezhnaya, these very regalia are taken away.

As an example - the "king of the stage" Philip Kirkorov. For almost 20 years he was "People's" in Ukraine, but recently, by the will of the Kyiv authorities, he is no longer such.

The famous Russian musician Yuri Bashmet did not please the Ukrainian leaders. In March 2014, he was deprived of the title of Honorary Professor of the Lviv National Music Academy named after. Lysenko.

The threat of "Ukrainian debunking" hangs over some well-known Russian cultural figures.

Among them, for example, the world-famous violinist, conductor Vladimir Spivakov, conductor Valery Gergiev. Both of them have the title of "People's Artist of Ukraine", and were also awarded the Ukrainian Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, V degree.

It’s hard to believe now, but once the Ukrainian leadership marked Vladimir Putin with a badge of distinction. True, this sign is very specific - such that, unlike the honorary titles mentioned above, you cannot take it away by a simple majority of deputy votes.

On October 27, 2010, Viktor Yanukovych, who was then head of Ukraine, awarded his Russian colleague with a nominal Fort pistol. However, in official documents, this insignia is called "Nominal firearms."

According to the law adopted back in 1995, such a “Name of Fire Armor” is awarded “for personal merits in ensuring the defense capability of Ukraine, the inviolability of its state border, maintaining high combat readiness of troops, strengthening national security, combating crime, protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, for impeccable long-term service, exemplary performance of military and official duty, and honor and valor shown at the same time.

Judging by the photographs available in the public domain, the award "Fort" is a real work of art of gunsmiths. Artistic engraving, gilding, overlay on the hilt made of precious wood...

It's nice to have such an exclusive item. And most importantly, try to "cancel" such a distinction!

By the way, successive owners of the office on Bankovaya Street in Kyiv armed not only Vladimir Vladimirovich, but also several other representatives of the state elite of Russia with a personalized "fire batt". Among them are Dmitry Medvedev and former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

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