Kursk governor showed the consequences of the shelling of three settlements

Kursk governor showed the consequences of the shelling of three settlements

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) on Sunday fired at a border town, village and village in the Kursk region, informed Governor of the region Roman Starovoit. No one was hurt in the attack.

The village of Troitskoye in the Korenevsky district, the village of Elizavetovka and the village of Krasnooktyabrsky in the Glushkovsky district were shelled by Ukraine, the head of the region specified in his Telegram channel. According to him, 10 arrivals were counted in Krasnooktyabrskaya, the building of a first-aid post and four private households were damaged in the village: windows, facades, roofs and fences were cut with shrapnel.

“There are also several breaks in power lines here. Repair crews have started repairing the damage,” Starovoit wrote. The head of the region also published photographs of houses and plots damaged by shelling.

/Telegram channel of Roman Starovoit

On Saturday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also fired at the border village of Krasnooktyabrsky, no one was injured among civilians, the governor said.

On March 2, security measures on the border with Ukraine were strengthened in the region. This decision was made against the background of the penetration of a group of Ukrainian saboteurs into the Bryansk region, which opened fire on the car. As a result of the incident, two people died, a child was injured.

In early February, the high ("yellow") level of terrorist threat was also indefinitely extended in the Kursk region. In addition, since October 19, 2022, the “medium response” regime has been in effect in the region. Such a regime has been established in seven more regions - Crimea, Sevastopol, Krasnodar Territory, Bryansk, Voronezh, Belgorod and Rostov regions.

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