Kirov air acrobats won 15 medals in Samara

Last weekend, the Aerial Acrobatics Federation held the II qualifying round of the GRAND PRIX.

All-Russian competitions were held in three disciplines: aerial hoop, sports pylon and aerial canvases. About 200 participants from different regions of Russia fought for medals and a ticket to the final. Kirov was represented by the team of the sports studio "Acro-fit" consisting of 15 athletes, some of them competed in two or even three disciplines at once. As a result, our team got 15 medals: 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze.

In this difficult sport, the one who goes to his goal to the end, through pain and tears, failures and falls, wins. Training lasts three, and sometimes five hours every day, except Saturday, even on holidays and holidays. Only perseverance and patience, constant work on oneself is the key to success in life and in sports. And, of course, the support of the team, parents and friends who are always there! Each athlete, entering the site, must feel that the audience sincerely believes in his victory. Therefore, the Kirov support group tried to ensure that the participants heard their name from the stands or loud exclamations and applause. This gave the guys the strength and desire to reach the victorious and justify the hopes of the fans and their mentors.

Often in one category you have to perform best friends. But this does not prevent them, breaking their voice and not sparing their hands, to support the opponent during the performance.

The endurance and self-control of young athletes should be obtained by many adults. A fall from a projectile or an injury received on the site is not a reason to interrupt the performance and not finish the program. You can give free rein to emotions only after the final bow.

Under the guidance of coaches Ilya and Ekaterina Sukhanov and Anna Stepanova, the guys gain not only strength, agility and flexibility, but also train their character, without which there is no way in sports. As a result, our athletes managed to outperform their rivals and not only won medals, but also completed sports categories.

Sports pylon:

Veniamin Myshkin (KEPL) — 1st place;

Ariana Bachok (VGG) - 1st place, 3rd junior category;

Sofia Tyutyunova (KEPL) - 1st place, master of sports;

Yaroslav Kirillovs (KEPL) - 1st place;

Sofia Kudelkina (MOU LinTech No. 28) - 1st place, 2nd sports category;

Aelita Vardanyan (MBOU secondary school with UIEP "Railway Educational Center" of the city of Kirov) - 1st place, 1st junior category;

Varvara Myshkina (MBOU secondary school No. 20) - 2nd place.

Air canvases:

Aelita Vardanyan (MBOU secondary school with UIEP "Railway Educational Center" of the city of Kirov) - 1st place;

Tatyana Basova (MBOU secondary school No. 61) - 2nd place;

Sofia Popova (KEPL) — 3rd place.

Air ring:

Alina Kameneva (MBOU secondary school with UIOP No. 30) - 3rd place;

Aelita Vardanyan (MBOU secondary school with UIEP "Railway Educational Center" of the city of Kirov) - 3rd place;

Sofia Khlybova (MBOU secondary school with UIOP No. 61) - 2nd place;

Maria Malygina (MOAU Lyceum No. 21) - 2nd place;

Sofia Kudelkina (MOU LinTech No. 28) - 1st place, 2nd sports category;

Varvara Myshkina (MBOU secondary school No. 20) - 1st place, 1st junior category.

It is worth noting that for Varvara Myshkina this was the first performance on the ring. Prior to that, the girl was engaged in the pylon and aerial canvases. Exactly a year ago, the young athlete seriously took up the development of a new projectile. On New Year's Eve, she wrote a letter to Grandfather Frost and asked him to give her a ring for home workouts. The letter ended up at the All-Russian charity event "Christmas Tree of Desires", and Alexander Chilikin, General Director of JSC "Gazprom Gas Distribution Kirov", Deputy of the Kirov City Duma, became the New Year's magician for the girl. Having received the treasured gift, Varya promised that she would try very hard and would definitely succeed. No sooner said than done! The first all-Russian competitions immediately brought first place and the first youth category.

But the Kirov aerial gymnasts have no time to rest on their laurels. Two weeks later, new starts of the RAPA federation in Sochi, where it is necessary to confirm the completed categories and the right to compete in the GRAND PRIX final, which will be held in the spring of 2023 in Yekaterinburg.

Photos from the competition here

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