January 26 - cat day

January 26 in the folk calendar is Yermilov's day. And it can also be called the day of cats, since many folk signs today are associated with them.

Cats today need to be pampered and gratified in every possible way, and they will help you improve your mood with health and find out the weather for the near future.

If someone in the house is sick, he should stand or sit in the place where the cat likes to spend time most of all - it is believed that this will help to recover. But a healthy person does not need to sit on a place chosen by a cat - according to popular belief, this can lead to illness.

Also avoid sitting or lying in places that the cat actively dislikes - perhaps there is negative energy present there that can harm not only the animal, but also the person.

In order for a small child to have only good dreams at night, before putting him to bed, put a cat in the crib.

Pay attention if the cat often rubs against one place of a person - perhaps she feels some kind of health problem there.

Also, according to popular beliefs, today a cat cannot be driven from the place where it lies - to problems at work. You can not sleep next to a cat - it will take away the mind. If you drive a cat out of the store, you can lose customers. And if the cat in the store holds a paw on the left ear, there will be many buyers.

In addition, in order not to bring trouble on yourself, on this day you should not go out unnecessarily, you should not gossip and spread rumors, quarrel, scold and scold anyone.

But if you help the needy seven times on Yermilov's Day, it is believed that you will be forgiven seven sins.

Folk signs on January 26 are associated with cats:

- if the cat lies with its tummy up - to warming;

- if the cat sleeps, curled up in a ball - to frost.

- if the cat rolls on the floor - to heat;

- if a cat claws a wall or furniture with its claws - to a cold snap, and if the floor - to a blizzard.

Dreams that occurred on the night of January 27 can tell about your health. If the dreams are unpleasant and heavy, you should see a doctor. And vice versa, if the dream is light, bright and joyful, this indicates that everything is in order with health, and if a person is sick, that he will recover soon.

Alena Bodrienko.

Photo senivpetro / Freepik

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