Inna Shcheglova, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government for Social Affairs, May Become the City Manager of Chita

Inna Shcheglova, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government for Social Affairs, May Become the City Manager of Chita

In Chita, the acceptance of applications for filling the position of city manager has ended. Inna Shcheglova, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Trans-Baikal Territory, is considered the favorite of the upcoming competition, whose nomination to this post was supported by Governor Alexander Osipov. The post of Chita city manager has been vacant since last November, when Alexander Sapozhnikov, who held it, volunteered for a special military operation. All attempts to replace this post with other candidates have so far been unsuccessful.

The Chita City Duma has completed the acceptance of documents from candidates wishing to take the position of city manager. As reported in the City Duma, the competition was announced at an extraordinary meeting on 12 May. The meeting of the competition commission for consideration of applications is scheduled for the period from June 19 to 26, summing up will take place on July 3.

Six candidates submitted documents. Among them are businessman Roman Gadzhiev, head of the Iskra youth center Vyacheslav Palshin, chief technical inspector of the regional organization of the trade union of educators Galina Prisyazhnyuk, employee of the Zheleznodorozhny district court Yevgeny Adiyanov, head of the regional branch of the Rodina party Vyacheslav Tambovtsev and deputy chairman of the regional government Inna Shcheglova.

Inna Shcheglova is considered the unspoken favorite of the competition. The official responsible for the "social bloc" in the government of Transbaikalia has already made it clear that she is completing her current position and is preparing to take on a new one.

“To be honest, this decision was not easy for me, as I clearly understand the complexity of the situation in the capital of Transbaikalia. Many important and interesting tasks still lie ahead of me as Deputy Prime Minister, many unfinished business. But the fate of my city is not indifferent to me, ”— reported she is in her Telegram channel, adding that the upcoming contest "needs to be passed with dignity."

Inna Shcheglova was born in Chita in 1980, graduated from the Trans-Baikal State Pedagogical University with a degree in Social Work, and later improved her qualifications at the Far Eastern Academy of Civil Service and the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. From 2003 to 2015, she worked in various positions in the State Employment Service of the Trans-Baikal Territory, including its head. In 2016, she became deputy minister of social protection of the population of the region, in 2019 she headed this ministry, and in 2021 she took the post of deputy prime minister.

In support of the nomination of Ms. Shcheglova, the deputy of the State Duma from Transbaikalia, United Russia Andrei Gurulev, has already spoken. “Inna Sergeevna has all the necessary professional qualities and skills. I hope that according to the results of the competition, it is she who will become the head of the city, and in any case I will support Inna Sergeevna in all endeavors, ”— noted he is in his Telegram channel.

The head of Transbaikalia, Alexander Osipov, also supported the candidacy of Mrs. Shcheglova. “Inna Sergeevna is an experienced leader. For many years she has worked to protect the most vulnerable segments of the population, who require the most attention. Inna Sergeevna has accumulated extensive experience in solving a variety of issues, implementing large and significant projects. She has a good understanding of the city and its prospects. She has the experience and the ability to start a new stage in the dynamic development of Chita,” the governor said in a comment to Kommersant.

Local observers are sure that the competition is organized "under Shcheglova" and will become a formality.

“Yes, the appointment of Inna Shcheglova is a matter of fact resolved, there is simply no alternative. There should be no pitfalls either, including because half of the commission is made up of people appointed by the governor. The only risk is if the City Duma does not meet to make a decision in July,” says Andrey Kozlov, CEO of the information portal He also believes that soon "the system for appointing a city manager will be adjusted" and the head of the city administration "will actually be the head of the city, which is now considered de jure the chairman of the city duma." The current "two-headed" system has been operating in Chita since 2014, when direct elections of the mayor were canceled by the decision of the regional legislature in the city.

The position of city manager of Chita has been vacant since November 2022, when Alexander Sapozhnikov, who held this post went volunteer in the special operation zone. At the end of November, the City Duma appointed and. O. head of the administration for the period before the competition of the mayor of the Chita region Viktor Mashukov, whose candidacy was proposed by the governor Osipov.

However, already in January, after the initiation of a criminal case of negligence in connection with dog attack on people in the Chita region, Mr. Mashukov refused to participate in the competition, remaining as head of the region. At the end of April, the chairman of the Chita City Duma, Yevgeny Yarilov, told reporters that after that "the position was offered to five potential candidates, but they refused." Now the duties of the city manager of Chita are temporarily performed by the former deputy of Alexander Sapozhnikov, Andrey Grenishin.

Vlad Nikiforov, Irkutsk

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