Half of Britons failed to indicate the location of the genitals

About a third of Britons in the survey were unable to correctly indicate where the heart and lungs are, and almost half do not know how the genitals should be located. This is evidenced by surveys of the organization Pall Mall Medical, they are cited by the Daily Mail.

So, about 48% of the British respondents could not name the exact location of the reproductive organs. 8% said they did not know the exact location of any of the internal organs. 45% could not name the location of the anus.

Director of Pall Mall Medical Chung Tang believes that the results of the survey indicate failures in the education of British residents. They need to be filled out so that citizens can more accurately determine their symptoms and consult a doctor in a timely manner. Knowing the location of the organs and what they are responsible for is extremely important, this allows you to control your health, he stressed.

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