FT: Poland's idea to lower Russian oil price ceiling criticized in EU

The EU believes that now more than ever it is important to demonstrate the unity of positions of the Commonwealth countries, however, Poland's proposal to lower the price ceiling for Russian oil may prevent this. About it informs newspaper Financial Times referring to the European diplomat.

"The moment has come when we must send [президенту РФ] There are clear signals to Vladimir Putin about our unity,” he said.

The source of the publication also emphasized that the decision on the maximum price for Russian oil should be made "long before December 5."

The EU countries tried to agree on a price ceiling as early as last week, on November 23, but the negotiations stalled because Poland did not agree to the ceiling price proposed by the European Commission of $65 per barrel. The country's authorities considered the restriction too lenient.

The EU authorities have not yet come to a unified decision. According to Bloomberg, the discussion of the price cap was supposed to continue on November 24, but it was postponed due to disagreements within the EU. Agency Source informedthat the diplomats intend to resume negotiations on the evening of 25 November. Bloomberg also noted that the time left for the EU to make a decision is running out, since the oil price cap will come into force on December 5.

On October 6, the EU adopted the eighth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. One of the main measures was to limit the cost of oil. The price ceiling for crude oil will come into force on December 5, 2022, and for petroleum products on February 5, 2023. The European Commission noted that this measure was developed in “close coordination” with the G7.

The Kremlin called the price cap initiative "incomprehensible" and "inexplicable." Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov recalled the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had previously stated that Russia would not supply gas and oil to countries that would join the price ceiling. By data Bloomberg, the Kremlin is already preparing a corresponding presidential decree.

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