From the hotel to the registry office: Villa Sofia Rotaru faces nationalization

From the hotel to the registry office: Villa Sofia Rotaru faces nationalization


The Sofia Rotaru Hotel in Crimea is awaiting nationalization. The authorities of the republic are closely engaged in promising real estate. After the sale of the Zelensky apartment, the transfer of rights to the famous villa could become another significant milestone.

For the first time, there was talk of depriving the singer of her property in Russia last year. In April 2023, the organization “Veterans of Russia” submitted an application to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation. “The leadership of our organization filed a statement with the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office. This is due to possible financial support from Rotaru of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We demand that her property in Moscow and Yalta be taken away, sold, and the proceeds used for the needs of the Russian Armed Forces,” said the director of the organization, Vadim Mironenko.

The news that Rotaru is supported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine really alarmed the public at one time. At the very beginning of the SVO, the singer supported Ukraine, and six months later she published a post on social networks with a call to donate to the fund to support the families of Ukrainian military personnel. In addition, Rotaru’s sister said in one of her interviews that the singer helped the Ukrainian side with money from the beginning of the ATO. But at the moment there is no direct evidence that Rotaru was financed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now experts are figuring it out

The artist really has plenty of property in Russia. Rotaru is listed as the owner of a 4-room apartment in an elite residential complex in Moscow on Zoologicheskaya Street, not far from the Moscow Zoo. The area of ​​the apartment is 121 square meters. On average, apartments in this building cost half a million per square meter. That is, the singer’s property can be sold for about 60 million rubles.

Another lot is a mansion near Yalta. A three-story house with a total area of ​​400 square meters, on the territory of which there is a swimming pool, a garage and a gazebo. The singer also has an apartment with an area of ​​170 square meters in Yalta. But the most important property in the resort city is the singer’s villa-hotel called “Villa Sofia,” which has been empty for several years now, occupying a very promising location on the embankment.

This building has a long history. Previously, the Roffe Baths were located in its place, which were built by order of the merchant of the same name. Attached to the baths was a Moorish-style portal made of white marble, on the façade of which was carved the quotation from the Koran, “Be blessed as water.” This portal still remains one of the favorite places for tourists to take selfies.

In 1975, they wanted to dismantle the bathhouse building, but this proposal was met with resistance from the music community. At that time, this site housed the rehearsal base for the Chervona Ruta ensemble, in which Sofia Rotaru sang. In 1991, the singer rented this building for 20 years. After 5 years, the city authorities decided to make the baths an object of “historical significance” and demanded that the building be transferred to city ownership. The singer defended her right to it, and in 2005 the building was transferred to her ownership under the condition of complete restoration. It was assumed that after completion of the work, the mansion would house Sofia Rotaru’s music studio, a salon for creative meetings, and a center for gifted children. However, a 5-star boutique hotel was eventually opened there in 2008.

The cheapest room at the time of closing cost 16 thousand rubles per day, the most expensive – 80. In total, the hotel had 12 rooms, designed in different styles: oriental, European, French. Guests were offered breakfast, SPA and beauty services, car or yacht rental, and a private pebble beach. Reviews have been mostly positive. However, the hotel was crippled by the coronavirus epidemic. During the lockdown period it closed and never reopened.

It is surprising that this did not happen earlier, since in 2014 the singer reacted negatively to the reunification of Crimea with Russia, and has not been there since then. There were rumors that even after closing, the hotel was operating for “special guests.” But, as local residents say, no one saw any visitors in the hotel, except that the servants kept the building somewhat clean.

Fraudsters could not help but take advantage of this opportunity for speculation. They created a website where you can supposedly book a room in this hotel. “Be careful, there are scammers at work! Non-existent rooms are booked. After payment, they confirm the reservation, send a reservation form after paying for the reservation, interact via an open line, then, when the guest arrives at the Sofia Hotel, the room is not booked, they abruptly disconnect the contact phone number, delete the open line, do not contact them and the site becomes inaccessible!” – says Svetlana.

Sofia Rotaru, even before the start of the SVO, transferred the rights to own the building to her son and tried to sell the hotel. However, the price of 2.5 billion rubles scared off buyers. When there was talk of nationalization, as reported by the Mash telegram channel, Rotaru realtors began calling potential buyers who had previously shown interest in the villa with an offer to bargain. But the moment was lost.

Now the authorities are actively involved in the issue of nationalization of the Rotaru Hotel. Some propose to transfer all the money from its sale to the North Military District fighters, but Senator from Crimea Sergei Tsekov spoke about plans to create a registry office there. Most likely, the building will repeat the fate of the Zelensky apartment in Yalta Livadia. The scheme is as follows: the State Council recognizes the nationalization of property, after which it is put up for auction. Whoever offers the largest amount gets the property. The Zelenskys’ apartment was sold for 44 million rubles, with an original cost of 22 million. The market price for this kind of hotel can now be 800 million rubles. What is the final result? We hope that we will find out about this very soon.


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