Foreign currency deposits of Russians fell to a minimum in 10 years

The volume of foreign currency deposits of Russians fell below $ 60 billion. This is the lowest figure since at least February 1, 2012, calculated RBC according to the Central Bank. Since the beginning of the year, balances on foreign currency deposits have decreased by 37.9%, by $36.4 billion.

Central Bank earlier informedthat as of October 1, foreign currency deposits in dollar terms amounted to $63.4 billion rubles. By early November, they were down another $3.7 billion (.pdf). On February 1, 2012, the volume of deposits was $69.2 billion (earlier data not published).

Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) expectsthat in 2023 the share of foreign currency deposits of Russians will be on average at the level of 10% of the total savings. This trend is explained by high volatility and uncertainty about the outlook for a number of currencies, as well as legislative restrictions. First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank (CB) Dmitry Tulin in September expressed an opinionthat, against the backdrop of sanctions, the “economic essence” of deposits in foreign currency has changed. According to him, now they “actually turn into ruble”.

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Leonid Uvarchev

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