Folk signs: November 24 - you need to put things in order

November 24 in the folk calendar - Fedor Studit. Usually, from this day on, autumn finally loses its rights, giving way to the winter cold. There are few traditions for celebrating this day, but there are a lot of prohibitions.

This day, observing folk traditions, is best spent at home, warm, drinking hot aromatic coffee or tea with herbs. It is believed that after such a pastime, the winter will pass without trouble.

At the same time, if you want to warm yourself by the fireplace or light candles, you should know that according to popular beliefs, on this day you need to handle fire very carefully and carefully. Otherwise, he may be offended, and this, of course, does not bode well.

Even today you can treat Brownie with milk. Place a saucer of warm milk in the kitchen. Our ancestors believed that after tasting the treat, the Brownie would become kinder and would not harm the owners of the dwelling.

In addition, the house needs to be put in order - clean all the rooms, wash all the dirty dishes, wash things. In addition, it is worth getting rid of old, chipped dishes with chips and cracks, while glassware should first be broken into small pieces. It was believed that if all this was not done, no Brownie would help - the negligent hostess would face problems and troubles.

Unmarried girls guessed by garlic. Fortune telling is very simple: you need to take a head of garlic at random and count the cloves. If their number is even, then the girl will get married within a year.

By this day, they tried to complete all agricultural work. There was a belief that those who did not have time to do this would face a difficult and lean year.

And now to the bans.

On this day, you can’t swear, scold and enter into conflicts - this can turn into serious problems in the future, especially if you happen to quarrel with your superiors. In general, today it is better to talk less and not listen to someone else's empty chatter.

You can’t have fun at a party, laugh out loud and generally have fun - you can leave your joy in someone else’s house. But you also can’t lose heart - otherwise you will spend a long time in this mood.

You can’t cook with a bad mood - your negativity will be transferred to the food, and through it to those whom you will serve it. You can not overeat - to illness.

You can not give and accept towels as a gift - it is believed that this can lead to various ailments.

You can’t give anything away from home, as well as lend money or food - to the loss of wealth.

You can’t be lazy and sleep for a long time - to failures in work and financial terms.

Natural signs on November 24 are as follows:

- if the weather is damp - there will be no frost until December 4;
- if a lot of stars are visible in the sky, mushrooms and berries will be born in the forests in summer;
- if a strong wind blows, the winter will be very cold;
If the day is warm, spring will come early.

An anxious dream that occurred on the night of November 24 may indicate that something is wrong with your health.

Alena Bodrienko.

Illustration: frame from the cartoon "Fedorino Grief" (dir. Natalia Chervinskaya, Soyuzmultfilm, 1974)

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