Folk omens March 24: the cuckoo will grant a wish

Folk omens March 24: the cuckoo will grant a wish

March 24 in the folk calendar is Efimov's day. According to signs, on this day the cuckoo calls for the first time, and those who ring a trifle, hearing her cuckoo, will always have money.

While the cuckoo is cuckooing, you cannot pronounce the words of promises - they will not be able to be fulfilled. Also, do not ask: “Cuckoo, cuckoo, how long do I have left to live?” Otherwise, the one who asks will be tormented by ailments. But you can make a wish - according to popular belief, the cuckoo will help fulfill it. It is also believed that if a woman cries today, especially to the cuckoo, there will be no reason for tears for the rest of the year.

Also, according to popular beliefs, sap flow in birch trees begins from this day, so you can prepare to collect birch sap. But today it's too early to go after him.

If the snow has melted, you can start digging up the garden and the garden, fertilizing, and the first plantings.

On this day, mothers should spend as much time as possible with their children, especially small ones. Otherwise, according to popular belief, the child can grow up capricious.

You can’t swear with your parents - the conflict will drag on for a long time.

You should not wish health today or say “Hello” as a sign of greeting - it is believed that in this way you can, on the contrary, pick it up.

In addition, according to popular beliefs, it is worth postponing the purchase of eggs - they may turn out to be spoiled.

Folk signs on March 24 are as follows:

- if frost fell at night, there will be no snow during the day;

- if the day is warm, so will the summer;

- if the crows croaked - to bad weather;

- if rooks fly high - to rain;

- if the larks have arrived - to warming.

Dreams that are dreamed on the night of March 25 may come true in nine days.

Alena Bodrienko.

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