Folk omens March 18: it's time to start gardening

Folk omens March 18: it's time to start gardening

March 18 in the folk calendar - Konon Ogorodnik. On this day in Rus', they began to prepare gardens for the new season.

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Of course, the earth has not yet warmed up and it is too early to plant plants in open ground, but it's time to prepare everything for this. On the day of Konon the Gardener, it was customary to dig up the garden. Moreover, this work was carried out in any weather - even if it was snowing or raining. According to signs, the earth dug up on this day will be more fertile. But if it was impossible to do without a shovel, then they were afraid to pick up a rake and a pitchfork - it was believed that those who did this would beat all the landings in the summer with hail.

To protect future crops from drought, midges and worms, three holes were dug at the edge of the garden, and then they were buried back, saying: “One hole is for land, the other is for midges, the third is for worms.”

Even our ancestors believed that on this day it is good to put up. You can check: if you are in a quarrel with someone, try to improve relations - in theory, everything should go well.

Dinner on this day should be exclusively in the family circle. For spouses, to strengthen feelings, you can drink a glass of wine with the addition of a small amount of cinnamon. Just try not to spill the wine past the glass - otherwise you can quarrel. Also, according to the sign, today you can’t break chicken eggs with a knife - this is fraught with a quarrel between spouses because of children.

Do not go shopping - the acquisition will be unsuccessful.

No need to force yourself to do what you don’t want to - to the disease.

Folk signs on March 18 are as follows:

- if the day is sunny - there will be no hail in summer;

- if the weather is warm - by a warm summer;

- if the moon is in a blue haze - to bad weather;

- if wagtails have arrived, spring will be early and sunny.

Dreams that are dreamed on the night of March 19 may be prophetic. However, you can’t talk about them, otherwise good dreams will not come true, and bad dreams will come true.

Alena Bodrienko.

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