Five years have passed since the death of Eimuntas Nyakrosius: his records will be published

Five years have passed since the death of Eimuntas Nyakrosius: his records will be published

They are prepared by the widow of the theatrical genius Nadezhda Gultyaeva

Five years ago, on November 20, 2018, the outstanding director of our time, Eimuntas Nekrošius, died. He did not live a day before his 66th birthday. It feels like there is a void after he leaves. No one equal to him came to replace him. Many years before his death, he said in our interview that there will always be someone who will take your place. Couldn't find it, didn't take it.

Nyakrosius's widow, the production designer of almost all of his performances, Nadezhda Gultyaeva, is now preparing a book that will include Eymuntas's diaries and notes. They will be published in Vilnius, and it will be priceless.

He did not like to talk much, sometimes he was silent for a long time during rehearsals. There was a story going around like a joke about how Nyakrosius rehearsed with Oleg Menshikov. They sat together for a long time somewhere in the kitchen. Nyakrosius was thinking about something, didn’t say a word, and then hit his knees and said: “Well, what? Sleep?". That's where we parted ways. Sometimes that was enough.

He found his last refuge in the small town of Shiluva, which is called the Lithuanian Lourdes, since hundreds of pilgrims flock to the place where the Virgin Mary appeared; for example, Pope John Paul II visited the holy place in 1993. Eymuntas grew up there and went to school.

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He was buried next to the snow-white cathedral. There are roosters crowing and dogs barking. And not a soul around. The villagers lined the entire depth of the grave with roses on the day of the funeral.

Nyakroshyus graduated from GITIS, where his master was Andrei Goncharov, and his fellow student was the Yakut director Andrei Borisov. Eimuntas has said more than once that Moscow shaped him. A professional foundation was laid there that was enough for a lifetime.

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