Finances sing romances in a foreign language

The State Duma adopts the most important law of all times and peoples on the titanic struggle against non-traditional sexual relations.

In fact, the law is not one, but two, prohibiting the promotion of non-traditional relationships, pedophilia and the demonstration of the aforementioned values ​​alien to us. Also an accompanying liability law for those who disobey.

At the plenary meeting of the State Duma on Wednesday, November 23, the documents were adopted under the prescribed noise design in the second reading. The speaker, the chairman of the responsible committee on information policy, Alexander Khinshtein, immediately proposed a third reading for the next day on Thursday.

Compared to what was adopted in the past under the pressure of Elena Mizulina, the progress is insignificant. She, despite criticism, insisted on a ban on propaganda among children and adolescents. The authors of the new initiatives have removed the age threshold, and now LGBT propaganda is simply prohibited. It is almost impossible to comply with children's markings.

It is a shame to admit that Mizulina was right, but not really. Not only that, United Russia took the topic to their Khinshtein committee, depriving the discussion in the Duma of the logic of the legislative process. Well, simply because the profile committee on family, women and children remained in the quota of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as the most useless in terms of populism and PR dividends. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation nominated Nina Ostanina, a persistent woman with extensive parliamentary experience and, moreover, with a keen sense of common sense, to chair the profile committee.

It is unlikely that Mizulina herself could have foreseen that events in the Western world would develop so quickly. The enlightened West has reached the finish line of the evolution of postmodernism. Mass castration of children began under the guise of sex change.

The United Russia Duma members, led by Volodin, squeezed themselves into a historical gap, when it was too early yesterday and too late tomorrow. If anyone has forgotten the past surge of group emotions on a resonant occasion, I will remind you that the basic law is called “On Amendments to the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

It defines the prohibition of propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations and (or) preferences.

The accompanying document establishes imaginative fines and is called "On Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation."

Having stoically withstood the ideological attack of the communist Ostanina, United Russia Khinshtein categorically rejected attempts to introduce criminal liability. He referred to the ban introduced by Pavel Krasheninnikov to introduce changes to the Criminal Code through amendments to the first bill that came across.

The speaker categorically refused Ostanina regarding the prohibition of propaganda against childbearing. This seems to be impossible to articulate.

Khinshtein also refused the charismatic Yana Lantratova. She insisted on extending responsibility to the sphere of computer games. Gays, lesbians, transgenders freely live there.

In my opinion, it would be better if this couple of bills were given to Ostanina. She may have less instinct, but more sense of truth. And Khinshtein succeeds with noticeable concessions. We are all like that.

Sergei Gavrilov, Chairman of the Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations, announced the sovereignization of property rights to our securities.

Communists Yevgeny Bessonov and Nikolai Kolomeytsev recalled the foreign shareholders of Russian corporations, which withdraw 5.2 trillion in dividends. Twelve thousand sanctions have been imposed against Russia, and we contribute to the enrichment of those who suffocate us.

Gavrilov explained in response that we proposed converting American depositary receipts into our Russian sovereign shares, set off with us, put them in our registers, in our depositories, and pay dividends in rubles without the right to export them to Russia.

“When I spoke, I said: please, credit rubles, go on vacation to the Crimea, buy LADA there and enjoy life. That’s all, actually,” said Gavrilov.

Kolomeitsev was dissatisfied: “We have 49 percent American depositary receipts in Gazprom. Those 1 trillion 208 billion, 49 percent of these dividends will go to the country that organized these 12 thousand sanctions against us, you understand. Sberbank - 46 percent: 40 - Americans, 6 - British. Now, if, well, to make it clear to you, this is a lot of money. And I can name another 95 different joint-stock companies, which contain just shareholders from unfriendly countries, who have not attracted a single cent for the entire period of receiving dividends from us, I emphasize, have not attracted a single cent here in force majeure circumstances. I don’t understand the position of the Ministry of Economic Development at all, which, in principle, has taken a wait-and-see attitude, you understand.”

End of quote.

Then the conflict broke out on the topic of VAT, this time with the Ministry of Finance.

Bessonov bombarded the ministry with questions: “When will favorable conditions be created for the entire economy? Why does she work in adverse conditions? When VAT is completely abolished, this will lead to lower prices for the final product. And you say that there are large budget revenues, yes, this is 11 trillion, together with excise taxes and export duties, but only the export of oil, oil products and gas generates revenues of at least 20 trillion ... 3 trillion rubles, and oil and gas revenues in the 2022 budget are 11 trillion rubles. When we get down to real price reductions…”

After the deputy's microphone was switched off, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov said quite calmly: “As you rightly noted, VAT revenues amount to about 8 percent of GDP and are a key source of financing budget expenditure obligations. Therefore, in the near, foreseeable future, the abolition of VAT will not be proposed.”

In other words, the ministries of finance and economic development are not at all interested in the development of the country and the return of finances. Let our finances sing other people's romances.

On the same day, in the morning, the State Duma Committee on Education unsuccessfully searched for ways to fulfill the instructions of Chairman Volodin on the development of labor education, but did not find it. Labor lessons have long been replaced by some kind of technology. what it is, no one knows and, accordingly, most schools do not have it. It turned out that in the thirties the work of schoolchildren was already canceled, moreover, at the initiative of Krupskaya. Who now played the role of Krupskaya, the deputies did not get to the bottom.

The main issue of the plenary meeting of the Duma on Wednesday was the government hour of the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko

The topic sounds long: “On the implementation of the state policy in the field of health care, the federal project “Modernization of the primary health care of the Russian Federation” and measures to increase the resilience of the healthcare system to new challenges.”

The Minister reported on the success in reducing mortality, including infant mortality. He promised to increase the target figures for admission and salary. He reminded about the start next year of expanded neonatal screening for genetic abnormalities. He promised not to optimize primary health care anymore. There will be no optimization, but modernization. But the TB service is really undergoing consolidation to reduce administrative costs.

Since the beginning of the preparation of the government hour, a strange situation has developed. The shortage of personnel has come to the fore among the problems of healthcare organization. There are several reasons, starting with the one that has been rampant in domestic medicine since the “Killers in White Coats” campaign. At the end of Stalin's life, the personnel and especially the ethnic composition of doctors changed. In recent years, almost the same thing has spun again.

The chairman of the Duma Committee on Health Protection promised to protect doctors from criminal prosecution and disappeared from the Duma for a long time.

Nevertheless, there was one deputy, Sergei Leonov from the Liberal Democratic Party, who spoke about the problem in plain text.

On the merits of the issue, deputy Leonov said: “Five years ago, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation singled out the fight against medical errors as a new priority in its work. And immediately the number of criminal cases involving doctors increased by 25 percent. Every year the number of criminal cases increases even more, because no one has yet canceled the “stick system” in law enforcement agencies. Litigation in such cases is usually of an accusatory nature. In the dock are precisely those specialties that are now very necessary - these are surgeons, obstetrician-gynecologists and resuscitators. If this goes on, we will not solve the personnel problem in the Russian Federation. Doctors often refuse risky decisions in the interests of patients, fearing to end up in the dock, while the quality of medical care suffers. This practice needs to end. The examination of medical errors should be carried out by the medical community and an independent pathoanatomical service, and in parallel, it is necessary to decriminalize medical articles in the Criminal Code.

Colleagues, there are a lot of problems in medicine, but I am sure that together the State Duma, the government, regions, and the medical community will solve most of them.”

End of quote.

The speech of Deputy Leonov had no noticeable consequences.

I would like to once again remind the critics of the national healthcare that we have one of the best in the world. As well as science, education, sports, culture.

This doesn't mean we don't have problems. But there is no better place in the world.

The criminal persecution of doctors, to my great regret, became a continuation of the general personnel policy in the country. We did not feel sorry for the scientists when an attack on genetics was launched at the end of the USSR. There was no pity for the athletes when the FBI launched a doping hunt. There was no pity for tens of thousands of specialists who had no other job. In addition to foreign organizations. They closed and continue to close. They did not have to be launched into the country, and people need work.

I myself became a journalist solely because my science was actually closed. In general, I did not lose, but gained. Find out what's going on and why. In general, the authorities should not produce enemies for themselves. The United States has already announced a massive recruitment of disaffected.

You can't do that with doctors. Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin believes that they do not work for money.

“You don’t work for a salary, it’s your life choice, you bring knowledge, you help people, and here it’s wrong to say that the main motivating factor is money,” the chairman said, addressing the minister.


Photo by Olga Davydova

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