Fighters from Serpukhov brought gold medals from the tournament "TIME to FIGHT"

On January 21, the city of Dolgoprudny hosted the 82nd stage of the TIME to FIGHT mixed martial arts tournament in MMA, grappling and simple martial arts. Athletes from the urban district of Serpukhov took part in it.

According to the results of the performances, the students of the Pankration mixed martial arts section of the Nadezhda Sports Palace Alexander Shcheklanov and Maxim Vykin won gold medals.

Pupils of the section of mixed martial arts "Pankration" of the Palace of Culture "Russia" also honorably represented our municipality: Ivan Podtelezhnikov - MMA - 1st place, Artem Belyaev - Grappling - 2nd place, Artem Belyaev - MMA - 2nd place.

Athletes train under the guidance of Oleg Anatolyevich Odintsov.

In total, more than 300 athletes took part in the tournament.

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