Fighter "Cat" spoke about the code of honor of snipers: give a second chance to a weakling

Fighter "Cat" spoke about the code of honor of snipers: give a second chance to a weakling

"I'll lie down in comfort... on a garbage heap"

- What does the work of a sniper look like in general? Many ordinary people have a cinematic image of a lone hero, drawn from action movies.

- There are several types of snipers. There are snipers "individuals", and there are snipers-marksmen. I have had different experiences. Most of the trip I worked as a marksman sniper. Sometimes he worked individually.

- What is the task of a sniper-marksman?

- Marksman sniper is an infantry sniper. He works as part of the unit, and his task is to increase the effective range of fire of the unit. Relatively speaking, submachine gunners can work on a target at a distance of up to 200 meters, machine-gun crew - up to 400 meters. And if you need to hit a target located farther away?

For example, the situation: a large-caliber machine gun of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is operating in our unit, which strikes from a distance of 600 meters. Our fighters cannot reach him. What to do? A sniper can just reach this machine gun. His task is to identify this firing point and suppress it.

There is another common version of the work. The sniper works in tandem with the machine gunner. The machine gun works on the target, presses with fire, falls silent. When the enemy comes out to give an answer, they get a bullet.

- What are the general qualities needed for a sniper?

- For a marksman sniper who operates as part of a unit, attention and readiness to work in the interests of the unit are necessary. The task of the Marxman is to work on his machine gun, keep it in sight all the time, and, if necessary, cover it from various threats. A machine gun, as the most obvious firing point, is a tasty target for the enemy. For example, a grenade launcher hit the crew, and that's all, goodbye - no machine gun, no machine gunner, no second number. And the whole unit - without fire cover.

For a Marksman sniper, the main qualities are attentiveness and mobility. There is a popular belief that the sniper is sitting somewhere far from the front. This is wrong. He is always at the forefront. The sniper can covertly take up positions even ahead of his fighters.

You also need ingenuity and imagination for improvisation. Of course, the Marksman sniper should not have topographical cretinism, and he should not linger.

- And what qualities should an individual sniper have? Do you have such experience as well?

- A lone sniper is especially in demand in the city. Therefore, as an individual sniper, I, as a rule, worked in the city. The task in this case is reduced to conducting reconnaissance by observation for a long time, searching for and destroying targets. As for the qualities of an individual sniper, for him, in addition to the ability to improvise, the absence of disgust is also important.

- Why?

- The most advantageous position is a place that you don’t want to look at in ordinary life. For example, a garbage heap or a mountain of corpses. Let's say you see a dump and a couple of corpses on it and you think: “Oh! Perhaps here I will lie down in comfort, for about nine hours ... "Nothing, after 20 minutes you get used to the smell. Only later, when you return, is it hard for your comrades. Especially if it's summer. Not only is it sweaty, but also with such amber.

- Nine hours to lie without movement?

Yes, mostly without moving. When the legs become numb, you can begin to gradually strain and relax the muscles so that the blood is dispersed.

- As I understand it, there are tasks that require a long disguise. How about the toilet then?

-Early. Luckily, I didn't get to the practice of using a diaper. And in the work of snipers there is such a joke: when you have to lie down for several days in a row, then, excuse me, all means are good.

The female sniper is a "creepy dilettante"

- Is there an unspoken code of honor for snipers?

- Eat. If the opponent is, let's say, a colleague, but incredibly stupid, he is usually given a second chance anyway. If, for example, an enemy sniper is located right at the window, does not darken the room, does not position himself in the back of the room, does not mask the optics, but sits and “glares”, then in this case it is not forbidden and even encouraged, purely as a gesture of mercy, to sit next to - in the wall, window frame. Make it clear that it is visible.

“Does the enemy himself adhere to this code of honor?”

- It would be very nice to see this. But the only thing that I observed was the work with expansive ammunition.

- And what kind of ammunition? Something forbidden?

- Yes. The enemy uses everything that is forbidden - phosphorus, cassettes ... But some moral freaks on the other side work on the infantry with expansive ammunition that they use in hunting. When contact is made with the target, the lead of such a bullet opens into a “flower” with jagged edges, unlike a conventional bullet, which generally does not change its shape much. And due to the fact that the bullet actually breaks, a huge amount of secondary fragments is formed. Such a bullet can simply gut a person. Therefore, expansive ammunition is prohibited. But not for the Armed Forces. They love to use them.

- Do ours use such ammunition?

- I saw guys with injuries from expansive ammunition - this is a terrible sight. Neither I nor my guys use such things. It is, indeed, scary. I wouldn't even wish such a death on my enemy.

- Do the Armed Forces of Ukraine have female snipers?

- Yes, they say, there was a former triathlete in Severodonetsk. But she ended badly, because she was a terrible amateur. She shot, maybe well. But she did not follow the elementary rules - she shone in the same window for three days in a row.

Did they give her a chance?

- Let's put it this way: we watched and thought. And then they calculated that she just worked with these expansive ammunition ...

- And what is your relationship with the enemy in general?

- If the opponent is a professional, then, of course, he causes a feeling of respect. Because, after all, I am close to the opinion of the head of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin that there are Slavs on both sides of the barricades. Again, in the trenches on the other side, exactly the same Russian obscenity sounds.

Some rubbish fell from above

- You were at the front at different times of the year. In your opinion, when is it more difficult at the front?

- Yes, the first time I was in the NWO zone last spring. It was also in autumn and winter - from October to February. In winter, work is much more difficult. Firstly, for natural reasons: mud, frosts. The Ukrainian climate is much more southerly than Moscow, more capricious. As a result, under the feet - constantly muddy mud. All this dictates its own rules in terms of logistics, transportation of ammunition, food, clothing, and living conditions. Secondly, I noted for myself that in autumn and winter it became more difficult to work due to the fact that the nature of hostilities changed greatly.

- Why?

- The enemy has a more long-range weapon. On our first business trip, none of us knew what HIMARS was. It just wasn't there. And no one knew what dumps from copters were.

I remember how at the end of a summer business trip we went to Lisichansk. A little to the north, the town of Privolye adjoined the city - something like our Mytishchi. The enemy was on top, and we had to force the river, gain a foothold and go through impudently.

In addition, opponents dug caponiers in the hills, drove Grads there and worked with direct fire on some village. In this case, for us. The missiles flew in seconds. And when we entered Privolye, two wounded were being carried towards us. We also asked them “Guys, how are you?” One had a light fragmentation in the head, the second in the arm. They answered: “Estimate, boys, a copter flew in, and something fell from it and exploded.” We’re like, “Oh, well, this can’t be! Guys, you're on to something. For you, probably, they worked out from a grenade launcher.

In general, we did not believe. And two months later, the copter war and dumps officially went into full swing. It was the first week of July.

- Did HIMARS appear at the same time?

- As I remember now, in mid-July my partner called his comrade, who at that time fought in the Kherson direction and was very shell-shocked, stuttered. Then it turned out that HIMARS shells hit them very hard. It was in July, at the end of our business trip, that everything that is now widely, actively and widely used everywhere, appeared. And that made it much harder. When we started, no one can even imagine that it will be so.

- And how was it in the summer?

- There was a starting point in the city limits. It could be located in residential buildings. We went there to sleep and eat. Conventionally, 500 meters to the enemy, and between you - an empty neutral field and several blocks. And then the only fear was that a mine would fly into the yard. Now, even being 150 kilometers from the contact line, you do not feel safe. Because a HIMARS package of six missiles will fly in and not even your legs will be left of you. This factor is very restrictive.

- Do we have an answer?

- An analogue of "HIMARS" is our "Smerch". If memory serves, he has relatively recently appeared massively active rocket-propelled projectiles. "Smerch" is very effective, but its work is not covered in any way or very poorly in the information field. While in the Ukrainian media, the fame of the "jet phantom of the night" is booming everywhere.

I compare them and our news and understand that we have lost the information war. Just to the nines.

What is happening now is an artillery battle. As one very good comrade said: “In the war, everything is decided by the Grad. And he is absolutely right. In a local meat grinder, the winner is the one whose artillery wakes up first and simply covers the square, mixes people with the ground to the last cell. Whoever has the first artillery "smells" wins. That's all.

- Has the situation with drones changed in our country?

- Now we are desperately trying to catch up with what was missed. Once upon a time it was said that drones are futile, no one needs them, no one will use them.

We have our domestic Orlan drone. We must pay tribute - really good, working, successfully performs the tasks. But they are few. We need to increase the number by an order of magnitude. In the realities of these hostilities, one drone must go to the squad, that is, for ten people.

On both sides, commercial drones are widely used, which have become the “know-how” of the NWO. Civilian Chinese drones as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sometimes “catch up” combat units and even special forces. Relatively speaking, some Mykola is sitting with eight classes of a parochial school, and all he can do is make angular corrections on the drum of an artillery gun according to the data received from the Mavik. Then the command "Shot!" And as a result - several dead units of the special forces of the main intelligence directorate, who devoted their whole lives to military affairs.

Which side has more losses?

- In my opinion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose many times more, the losses are about one in five, one in seven. This applies to both returnable and non-refundable losses. I am very sorry, sincerely, humanly sorry for the Ukrainian people. My favorite film is “Only old men go into battle”, and the most striking phrase in this film is when the Maestro speaks about Ukraine, for which they fought with the Nazis then.

How many confused, blind-witted because of someone else's idea, not characteristic of our mentality, people are dying from the other side! Unfortunately, there are now a very large number of people simply sent to the slaughter.

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