FIFA World Cup 2022: results of the fifth game day

FIFA World Cup 2022: results of the fifth game day

On November 24, four matches of the 1st round of the group stage were held at the World Cup in Qatar. In Group G, Switzerland defeated Cameroon (1:0) with a minimum score, and Brazil showed a truly champion game in the match with Serbia (2:0). In group H, the national teams of Portugal and Ghana staged a scoring "shootout" (3:2), and Uruguay and South Korea painted a goalless draw, which was already the 4th in this tournament.

World Cup 2022

Switzerland - Cameroon - 1:0

The only goal scored in this game is remarkable not so much for the fact that it eventually became the winner, but for the personality of the author of the goal. In the second half, Switzerland's Breel Embolo opened the scoring with a cross from the flank. However, he did not celebrate the goal. It may seem strange, because for many, scoring a goal at the World Cup is the achievement of a lifetime, but Briel had a good reason. The thing is that Embolo is a Cameroonian. He was born in the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde, lived there until the age of 5, and then moved with his mother, first to France, and then to Switzerland. At one time, the footballer was considered a supertalent, so it is not surprising that he was called to play for both Cameroon and Switzerland. However, he chose the European team because it was more profitable for his career.

Brazil - Serbia - 2:0

The first half of this match can be analyzed in tactics lessons. Trying to justify the status of the main favorite of the tournament, the Brazilian team rushed to the attack from the first seconds. However, Serbia proved to be a tough nut to crack. The team looked great in the first half.

It is hard to imagine a better football against Brazil with such a resource - the Serbs showed a great game in defense and easily got out from under the powerful pressure of the Selesao. By the middle of the second half, it became noticeable that the Serbs were tired of such an energy-intensive game, and they were immediately caught on it. In the 62nd minute, Richarlison scored the first goal, and 10 minutes later he doubled Brazil's lead. The second goal was the real decoration of the match, the Brazilians proved that they are rightfully called ball wizards. Richarlison scored the goal with a beautiful overhead shot. In social networks, this ball has already been called the best goal of the tournament.

Portugal - Ghana - 3: 2

The match between Portugal and Ghana was definitely the highlight of the day. Despite the fact that the first half did not bode well, in the second half goals were scored literally one after another. In the 65th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring from the penalty spot. It was especially important for the Portuguese to score goals in this match, given the series of scandals that he provoked with his interview, in which he went through all the processes at Manchester United, saying that the owners did not care about the club. This interview caused fair discontent among the management, and after some time the contract with the most popular football player on the planet was terminated by mutual agreement. So yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player to score a goal at the World Cup as a free agent. Cristiano set another important record: he is the first player in history to score goals at 5 different world championships.

At the 73rd minute, the Ghana team returned to the game, but their joy was short-lived, after 5 minutes Portugal again took the lead, and after another 2 minutes they scored again. However, a calm ending did not happen, in the 89th minute Ghana played one ball, and the referee helped to keep the intrigue, adding as much as 9 minutes to the main time of the match. However, this did not help the African team, and the match ended with a dizzying 3:2 score.

Uruguay - South Korea - 0:0

This is the third time Asian teams have taken points from obvious favorites in this tournament. The Latin Americans brought to Qatar a worthy squad, which includes veterans such as Diego Godin and Luis Suarez, and young superstars Federico Valverde and Darwin Nunez. However, the match turned out to be equal. For 90 minutes, the teams did not strike a single shot on target, so there is no reason to be surprised at another goalless draw in this case.

Daniel Prilepsky.

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