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Three matches kicked off the 11th round of the Russian Football Championship. Orenburg at home inflicted a major defeat on Sochi - 4:1. CSKA, thanks to a double from Fedor Chalov, defeated Khimki 2-1, and this victory allowed the army team to take second place with 23 points. And Lokomotiv, which cannot get out of the crisis in any way, lost to Ural at home - 2:4.

Although the Russian championship resumed after a long two-week pause, before the 11th round, the Premier League clubs had the opportunity to stretch their legs in the Russian Cup. And "Orenburg", it seems, not only warmed up well in the cup match with Dynamo, but received a powerful boost of energy in it, snatching victory in the penalty shootout, despite the fact that by the 82nd minute of normal time, it seemed hopelessly inferior - 0:2. At the same time, the rival of the Orenburgers "Sochi" suffered a third defeat in a row in the Cup, and, apparently, he spent a lot of energy in the away confrontation with CSKA.

In any case, the Chernomorians, who were in the group of leaders of the championship with 17 points, were unrecognizable, and in the first half they conceded three unanswered goals. In the third minute, Timur Ayupov closed Vladimir Sychevoi's cross, then Gabriel Florentin punished the guests for the loss in his own half of the field, after which the same Sychevoi earned and converted a penalty. Moreover, Moussa Sissako, who violated the rules on Orenburg forward, also ran into a direct red card. And Sychevoi, who scored a goal from the 11-meter mark, ran up to the podium and, to the applause of the fans, proposed to his bride, handing her a bouquet of flowers and an engagement ring. In fact, he risked getting a yellow card for delaying the game, which would have become his second and also led to a removal, but the referee Artem Lyubimov decided not to show integrity and not overshadow the solemn moment.

In the minority of Sochi, it was unrealistic to save the match, especially since in the second half Orenburg took the lead - 4: 0, when Jimmy Marin forced goalkeeper Soslan Dzhanaev to foul in the penalty area and took the penalty himself. The silver medalist of the last championship answered only with Timofey Shipunov's prestige goal. The Orenburg team won 4:1 and moved up to the eighth line of the standings with 15 points.

At "Khimki" neither in the championship, nor in the Cup, nothing is going well. Recently, in the second most important tournament of Russian football, they were literally run over by Lokomotiv - 5: 0, and in total they did not win for nine matches. And then the third place in the Premier League came to visit the Moscow Region club CSKAwho also quickly opened an account.

Fedor Chalov, after an assist by Konstantin Kuchaev, went one on one with the goalkeeper and rolled the ball into the net, even though it was formally brought into the goal by the defender of the hosts Brian Idovu, who was trying to make a save.

And then Khimki's attempts to turn the tide were crossed out by another defender - Artur Cherny, who presented the ball to Kuchaev, who himself ran away face to face with the goalkeeper. True, Chalov distinguished himself anyway, who played on the rebound after rescuing Ilya Lantratov. It was the striker's seventh goal in the current league.

Even without injured Igor Diveev, disqualified Jorge Carrascal, Jesus Medina left on the bench and Bruno Fuchs out of action right in the pre-game warm-up, the army team quite confidently achieved such a result, which almost predetermined the outcome of the match long before the final whistle. In the second half, they controlled everything and only in the end made their head coach Vladimir Fedotov a little nervous when they allowed Butta Magomedov to reduce the difference to a minimum. CSKA won - 2:1 - and scored 23 points, ahead of Rostov by one point and taking second place. Considering that Rostovites will meet in St. Petersburg with Zenit, it is likely that the red-blues will retain their position.

"Locomotive" before the 11th round, he lost in the championship three times in a row, but managed to improve his affairs in the Cup, and the defeat of Khimki certainly raised the red-green mood. Now they had to reschedule it for a match with "Ural", which is gradually overcoming the crisis and has noticeably improved in the quality of the game under the leadership of Viktor Goncharenko. And already in the seventh minute, the railroad workers found themselves in the role of a winning side, when Alexei Kashtanov, having received the ball inside the penalty box with his back to the goal, delivered an accurate roundhouse kick. And soon Maxim Nenakhov aggravated their situation when he went into a reckless tackle with open spikes and cut down Yuri Gazinsky. VAR recommended that the offender be presented with a red card, and referee Sergei Ivanov followed this recommendation. Thus, from the 13th minute, Lokomotiv had to act with ten men.

It was hard for the hosts, however, they could bounce back after Wilson Isidor caught the mistake of the Ural defenders. But goalkeeper Ilya Pomazun did not let the Frenchman score, and then the well-known football rule worked, and the guests scored, when Alexander Yushin hit the already empty net with a perfect pass from Lazar Randzhelovich. And here the team of Josef Zinnbauer was simply in a hopeless situation. Even before the break, Yekaterinburgers almost organized the third goal. It happened in the 62nd minute when Gazinsky laid the ball to Rangelovic. Three minutes later, Gazinsky assisted Daniel Mishkic in a corner kick.

"Ural" frankly rolled "Locomotive" and won a logical victory. The removal of midfielder Fanil Sungatulin, which equalized the line-ups in the 88th minute, did not fundamentally change anything. However, Muscovites fought to the end and avoided a major defeat. Dmitry Barinov and Ivan Ignatiev set the final score in stoppage time - 2:4. Wards Goncharenko did not manage to leave the 15th place, but to the railroad, which is still 12th, they are already only 2 points.

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