Expertise of interethnic hatred - Kommersant

Expertise of interethnic hatred - Kommersant

The Spiritual Administration of Muslims (DUM) of the Russian Federation demanded that the statements of the head of the laboratory of destructology of the Moscow State Linguistic University named after M.V. Maurice Torez Roman Silantiev "with a view to inciting ethnic hatred and bring him to the responsibility established by law." Representatives of Muslims thereby supported the previously published appeal to the head of the TFR by the leadership of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC). Mr. Silantiev was the author of an expert examination on the case of justifying terrorism in the theatrical production of Finist the Clear Sokol directed by Yevgenia Berkovich. Roman Silantiev's statements "form a negative attitude towards Jews in society, which means that his expertise in the case of Yevgenia Berkovich cannot be objective," the RJC insists. “I remain of my opinion and believe that the RJC should apologize and be silent,” the expert himself commented on the criticism to Kommersant.

The head of the laboratory of destructology of MSLU, Roman Silantiev, became the object of criticism after statements in connection with an expert assessment in the case of justifying terrorism, initiated because of the performance “Finist Yasny Sokol”.

Recall that the Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow on May 5 arrested director Yevgenia Berkovich and playwright Svetlana Petriychuk for two months. They are accused in a criminal case on justifying terrorism (part 2 of article 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation; punishment from five to seven years in prison), signs of which the investigation found in their theatrical production. The play “Finist Yasny Sokol”, which tells about the recruitment of Russian women by terrorists through dating sites, received two Golden Mask awards. Dozens of celebrities vouched for its creators in court, including Oleg Menshikov and Konstantin Raikin. At the same time, the “destructological expertise” featured in the case testifies to the glorification of the banned ISIS, the ideology of radical feminism and the “fight against the androcentric social structure of Russia.” The experts were Galina Khizreeva, Director of the Center for Linguistic Expertise at MSLU, and Roman Silantyev.

Attention to the figure of Mr. Silantiev was attracted by members of the RJC, who on May 17 turned to the chairman of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, with a request to check his statements for inciting ethnic hatred. The reason was the expert's comment on the Lomovka resource, in which he provided, in particular, the details of his expert assessment of the performance.

“We received a request, they say, the impression is created from the performance that allegedly in ISIS (an organization recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) it is better than in Russia,” he quoted excerpts from Mr. Silantyev’s speech RBC.- Allegedly, it is so bad to live in our country that we need to understand and forgive those girls who preferred terrorists to Russian young people.

“That's why it's unacceptable, especially when theatrical awards are given for it, when it's promoted,” the expert said. “Even when, pardon me, people of Jewish nationality do it. This is not the first time I have observed that Jews are actively supporting the Wahhabis, it seems that to spite the Russians.”

Representatives of the Jewish community found in the words of Mr. Silantiev "many anti-Semitic prejudices." The authors are convinced that Roman Silantiev's statements "form a negative attitude towards Jews in society, which means that his expertise in the case of Yevgenia Berkovich cannot be objective." “Roman Silantyev broadcasts everyday prejudices that incite ethnic hatred,” representatives of the Jewish community note. “The events of the 1930s and 1940s showed how such rhetoric ends.”

The members of the RJC have not yet received a response from the head of the TFR, as well as from the Moscow prosecutor's office (a copy of the application was sent to the department). However, on Thursday they found allies in the Muslim community.

“We fully agree with the appeal of the RJC addressed to Alexander Bastrykin with a request to conduct an investigation into the statements of citizen Silantiev R.A. for inciting ethnic hatred and bring him to the responsibility established by law,” says Damir, First Deputy Chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia Mukhetdinov to RJC President Yuri Kanner. The message also speaks of "the inadmissibility of any actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as to humiliate the dignity of a person or a group of persons on the basis of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion."

The head of the RJC, Yuri Kanner, in a conversation with Kommersant, expressed the conviction that Roman Silantyev "speaks in anti-Semitic rhetoric, although he may not notice it himself, he is saturated with anti-Semitism."

“We made an examination of the statements of Mr. Silantyev (the expert was Mikhail Dymarsky, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Russian Language Department of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen, Senior Researcher at the Department of Grammar Theory of the Institute of Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.— "b") and, in accordance with Russian law, appealed to the Investigative Committee,” Mr. Kanner continued. “We ring the bells, we shout that the person who did the examination for the performance is an anti-Semite. Yes, it is not punishable, but his actions must be properly assessed by law enforcement agencies.”

Mr. Silantiev, whom Kommersant asked to comment on the situation, noted that he refers to criticism in his address “sarcastically”:

“They charge me with the statement that a certain number of Jews joined Islamist organizations and died there, that there are Jews who do not like Russians.” The expert clarified that "he did not make any offensive sayings about the Jews."

“I wanted to draw attention to people who, being ethnic Jews, propagate the ideas of those organizations that wanted to kill Jews,” he remarked. “We need to talk about this, and not deny the existence of this sad fact.” Mr. Silantiev clarified that in the Spiritual Administration of Muslims "they have not loved him for a long time and this is mutual." “But there is an objective reality: Mufti Ravil Gainutdin (heads the DUM.— "b") there is a warning from the prosecutor’s office about the inadmissibility of violating the anti-extremist law, but I don’t.” It should be noted that Mr. Gainutdin received a warning from the prosecutor's office in 2010 for inviting a Turkish citizen to one of his conferences, who turned out to be a follower of the Nurcular religious association - earlier it was recognized by the RF Armed Forces as extremist, and its activities are prohibited on the territory of Russia.

Roman Silaniev also touched upon the statement made by the RJC that the organization intends to "closely follow the trial in the case of Yevgenia Berkovich, because there are signs of anti-Semitism in it." Mr. Silantiev suggested that director Berkovich, either "out of illiteracy, or deliberately disguised a pro-terrorist performance as an anti-terrorist one." “Having become acquainted with other works by Berkovich, I suspect that everything was done deliberately, but the court should deal with this,” Mr. Silantiev said.

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