Exhibition "Electronics of Russia" opened "Crocus Expo"

The first exhibition of Russian-made electronic products "Electronics of Russia" opened at the International Exhibition Complex "Crocus Expo" - a unique exposition of advanced achievements of the Russian electronics industry.

Companies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Ryazan, Irkutsk, Fryazino, Vladikavkaz, Tomsk, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Sarapul, Kursk, Zelenograd, Kazan, and also Minsk take part in the exhibition.

The exhibition is held with the official support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Participating companies will present developments in the field of production of radio electronics, optoelectronic devices, communications and special-purpose equipment, integrated circuits and semiconductor devices, high-tech control and communication systems, modern communication systems and means, microchannel plates. The booths also presented novelties in the field of computer technology and data storage systems: a line of servers, network equipment, printing equipment, video surveillance and video recording systems, a line of motherboards, processors, system blocks. Domestic developers showed new solutions in the field of manufacturing gas detection sensors, innovative technological products for digitalization and intellectual development of urban infrastructure. The exhibition presented itself as a review of the advanced achievements of Russian organizations: for the first time, on one site, visitors will see the latest civil developments for aircraft and instrumentation, transport, fuel and energy complex, medicine, telecommunications and other industries. There are automated control systems, medical instrumentation, educational telematics and even the latest consumer electronics on numerous stands.

The exhibition "Electronics of Russia" is designed to promote the promotion of electronic and radio-electronic products of domestic production in the Russian and international markets. The exhibition will be attended by manufacturers and suppliers from the Russian register of electronic products, leading Russian integrators, suppliers of integrated solutions, including hardware and software systems based on equipment from the Russian register, suppliers of system and application software.

The Russian economy is facing serious challenges, and today it is extremely important to use them as an additional incentive for the development of domestic industry. Exhibitors will be able to effectively solve marketing problems, find new customers interested in Russian-made products, and open up new niches in import substitution.

The statistics of applications for visits confirms that specialists from enterprises from all over Russia are highly interested in visiting the exhibition and obtaining up-to-date information about domestic manufacturers of electronic products. Here are the visitors' reviews: “I came to see what is currently available from modern developments, which can be useful in my work. At the exhibition, I decided on some vendors and products that are of interest to me. I hope that in the near future we will conclude contracts and work. I held several meetings, two of them were very productive. I really liked the outsourcing of printing, I am sure that we will have fruitful cooperation with the company. The exhibition is very interesting, equipment from various industries is presented: from microelectronics to ready-made solutions. This is amazing. We need to hold such events more often and on a larger scale” — Ilya Igorevich Zalygin, Head of Information Technology Department, Hydroproject Institute.

“I came to collect information about electronics and other components for making drones. I went through the entire exhibition, collected a lot of contacts and materials. Then there will be processing, negotiations. I liked the exhibition, people are very literate, responsive, they tell and explain everything. I am very satisfied” — Alexander Vasilyevich Chaika, specialist of the State Budgetary Institution Scientific and Technical Center for Innovations and Technologies.

Simultaneously with the exhibition, the Intellect of Machines and Mechanisms forum will be held, dedicated to existing and promising technological solutions in the field of intelligent and robotic systems based on Russian developments.

The exhibition "Electronics of Russia" is designed to promote the technological independence of the Russian Federation and the promotion of electronic and radio-electronic products of domestic production in the Russian and international markets.

Mikhail Kovalyov.

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