Evaluated the ability to lose weight without exercising

Evaluated the ability to lose weight without exercising

Expert: you can lose weight without sports, but the effect will not be brilliant

Nutritionist Olga Dekker dispelled a number of myths, explaining that it is possible to lose weight without physical exercise, but calorie restriction will give a greater effect when combined with sports.

“To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit: spend more calories than you eat. This can be achieved by controlling portion sizes, choosing nutritious low-calorie foods, increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits, and generally reducing the intake of foods high in sugar and fat,” Dekker recalled in an interview with "Lentoy.ru".

However, sports, in addition to losing weight, helps maintain a healthy metabolism, strengthens muscles and the circulatory system. It is also important, the expert emphasizes, that this significantly improves well-being. Refusing to combine diet with exercise makes sense, she says, only if activity is not available for medical reasons.

Extreme, that is, ultra-low-calorie diets, will result in a lack of nutrients and energy, the nutritionist recalls, which in turn will provoke fatigue, reduced immunity, loss of muscle mass and metabolic disorders. That is, we will already talk about direct harm to one's own health.

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