Eni will not receive the gas requested from Gazprom for October 2

The Italian company Eni has announced that it will not receive the gas requested from the Russian supplier Gazprom by 2 October. According to a statement by Eni quoted by Reuters, the situation is not expected to change until the next day, October 3rd.

Formerly Eni informedthat Gazprom stopped gas supplies from 1 October. Gazprom explained suspension of supplies to Italy by the actions of the Austrian regulator.

Eni agreed pay for gas supplied from the Russian Federation in rubles. However, at the end of August, Gazprom shortened gas supplies to Italy - from 27 million cubic meters. m up to 20 million cubic meters. m.

Read about the situation with gas in Europe in the publication "Kommersant" "Great Distributor".

Maria Fedotova

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