Dzhigarkhanyan's son said that a new race of mutants is being nurtured in the USA

Dzhigarkhanyan's son said that a new race of mutants is being nurtured in the USA

Stepan still cannot understand why organic food in America costs two to three times more.

Stepan Dzhigarkhanyan has been living in America for a long time. The son of the legendary actor of the United States considers his second home. Stepan leads a healthy lifestyle and tries to use only organic products. True, Dzhigarkhanyan admits that their prices are astronomical even for the United States. That is why Americans are trying to buy cheaper products with GMOs. He told about this to correspondents of "MK".

- In the USA there is always a choice: what products to buy - with chemistry or natural, - says Stepan. - True, organic vegetables, fruits and meat are far from affordable for all Americans. The natural vegetable section in large supermarkets tends to be side by side with GMO vegetables. In the first, everything is one and a half to two times more expensive. And, apparently, for this reason there are four times fewer buyers. The same goes for fruits and berries. It is noteworthy that the green stuffed with chemicals and pesticides looks like this, even paint a picture. Everything is so beautiful - like a selection. Unlike natural products. These look like they should look in our usual sense.

- Meat, poultry and fish are also non-GMO?

- Yes. Meat, poultry and fish are a different story. GMO chicken so beloved by Americans is much cheaper. It is interesting what kind of filth should be stuffed with a bird, what chemistry should be fed and in what conditions should it be kept so that prices differ significantly from ORGANIK chicken in the neighborhood. Natural pasture-fed chicken - $ 24.26 (about 2,000 rubles) apiece. Prices are astronomical even for the USA. It is not surprising that not everyone can afford, especially if a large family. So teenagers 11-12 years old with eunuch-like figures, dimensionless priests and outlined boobs wander to school, because they were raised on cheap chemistry and hormones.

- All sorts of actions are widespread in the USA. Are there any discounts for natural products?

- As a rule, no. I have a typical discount coupon mailed to regular customers. Underlined in red - discounts on all products, except for natural products. Like they want people to buy chemical counterfeits. In my opinion, a new race of mutants is being nurtured. I do not presume to judge how things are with this topic in Russia, but in the United States, at least, everything is transparent.

- Can't GMOs be passed off as natural?

- There can be no cheating. America is very strict about this. And cheating the buyer is punishable by draconian measures. Manufacturers who cheat are subject to huge fines and their licenses revoked. So you can believe what is stated on the label - the probability that you will be deceived is zero.

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