don't drink from someone else's well

don't drink from someone else's well

March 19 in the folk calendar is Constantine's Day. On this day in the villages, the whole family went to the wells and trampled down the snow around them.

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It was believed that such a rite would protect the well from damage and the machinations of evil spirits. It also had a practical meaning - if you trample down the snow near the well, dirty water will not flow into it when the active snow melts.

There was also a sign that on this day the water in wells and springs is healing, with great power. It’s just that you can’t give strangers water from your well to drink - along with water you will give away your luck. And the one who gets drunk from someone else's well or even from someone else's cup was threatened by the fact that the water in his well would dry up and financial problems would begin.

In general, today it is better to save water. According to signs, if you spend it in vain, you can incur failures and troubles.

Also, according to signs, mothers cannot spend all day with their children today - they can become capricious and selfish. So mothers should leave their children with other relatives or close people for a couple of hours and devote this time to their beloved.

People with the names Elena and Konstantin today can check another popular sign - it is believed that on Constantine's day they will have great luck.

Folk signs on March 19 are as follows:

- if the morning is frosty - there are still 40 frosts ahead;

- if it is frosty during the day - the spring will be warm, and the summer will be hot;

- if the clouds float high and fast - to good weather.

Dreams that are dreamed on the night of March 20 are considered prophetic, but can only come true after three years.

Alena Bodrienko.

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