Documentary "They wrote Spartacus"

Disputes about which date of birth of the national team is correct will not subside even after another hundred years. The chronicler of Spartak Boris Duhon (November 14 marked the year since he was not with us), like many of his fellow journalists and football specialists, do not agree with the year 1922, but argue that the correct one is 1935.

The champion of the USSR as part of Spartak and the former general director of the club Sergey Shavlo explained why the centenary of the club is celebrated in 2022, if the sports society of the same name was formed in 1935. “Indeed, there are disputes about how old Spartak is. One generation that began in 1922 is Promkooperatsia, Krasnaya Presnya, Pishcheviki, from the formation of these teams they believe that Spartak was formed, because the players who were in these teams gradually moved to " Spartacus". But the Spartak society itself was formed in 1935, many believe that in 2035 it will be 100 years old, but the football team was formed in 1922. This team is counting down, so we are celebrating 100 years.”

A press conference dedicated to the final events in honor of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the football club "Spartak" and the release of a new documentary film "They wrote Spartak" was held at TASS.

About the anniversary program of film screenings of documentaries that have not been shown for several decades, as well as about the creation and premiere of the documentary "They composed "Spartacus» ” at a press conference they said: the general director of the film and video studio “Youth» Ilya Kachalov, director of Svoi Pocherk company Alfiya Chebotareva, former midfielder and CEO of FC Spartak, Olympic bronze medalist Sergei Shavlo, Winner of the "Best Goalkeeper in the World" award, veteran of FC Spartak Rinat Dasaev, long-term press officer of FC Spartak Leonid Trakhtenberg and director of the documentary "They wrote Spartak" Tatyana Maslova.

A 55-minute documentary about the history of the foundation of the Moscow football club is planned to be shown in the second half of December.

“In the year of the celebration of the anniversary of the football club, our creative team developed a project to create a documentary and hold a number of socially significant events, all of which are aimed mainly at students with disabilities. The project is being implemented by our company with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. The duration of the film is planned to be around 55 minutes, now the filming period has passed, we are leaving for production, ”Ilya Kachalov told reporters.

According to the speaker, about 20 film screenings are planned, where films about Spartak will be shown to young people. He also said that one screening of the film "Nikolai Starostin - the father of Spartak" had already been realized at the home stadium of the red and white. “Given the situation when we are in football isolation, but we need to develop, because the situation will end someday, there must be a level. Young people should know the fathers and grandfathers of the game, we have something to look up to. We want to instill in them an interest in football, we have a history, but many guys do not know this, ”Ilya Kachalov, general director of the Yunost film and video studio, concluded his speech at TASS.

Alfiya Chebotareva, director of Svoy Pocherk company and producer of They Wrote Spartak, said that the film, which is scheduled to be screened in the second half of December, could be released to the public. “This film is not only about a football club, but also about the history of the country. We invited a new director Tatiana Maslova, the filming process has already been completed, now the editing process is underway. In the second half of December, we hope to invite everyone to a press show. We are waiting for distributors, TV channels are already showing interest in this film,” Chebotareva said at a press conference.

“20 years ago we came up with the idea of ​​the film “Nikolai Starostin - the father of Spartak”, it was released, many of that film are not alive, but documentary evidence remains. After 20 years, we decided to create a new film, witnessing those people who remember the Starostin brothers, history. The author of the new film is the same as the first one, Alexander Nilin. Without hesitation, they invited him, because he was a sports journalist, personally communicated with the brothers, ”added Chebotareva, noting that the film will have an interview with one of the actors of the Moscow Art Theater.

We are waiting for mid-December and the release of the picture "They composed Spartacus" on the screens.

Sabadash Vladimir, Alexander Kosyakov.

Photo by Sergey Vinogradov

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