Doctor Vykhodtsev named 7 external signs of plastic surgery

Doctor Vykhodtsev named 7 external signs of plastic surgery

Plastic surgeon Anton Vykhodtsev told aif.ruhow to view with the naked eye a surgical intervention in a person's appearance.


First of all, Vykhodtsev suggested paying attention to the scars, they clearly and clearly indicate the plastic surgery performed. Most often, scarring forms when surgeons have attempted to overstretch the tissue.

Excess volume

Also, a lot can be said about excess volume, or gravitational ptosis of the soft tissues of the face. This can happen with an excessive facelift or a large number of cosmetic fillers. For example, if you do a facelift of the middle part of the face, you can end up with overly massive cheekbones.


Overstretching can also give away a person who went under the plastic surgeon's knife to radically get rid of excess wrinkles - for example, with an SMAS facelift. As a rule, the mouth, cheeks, corners of the eyes and eyebrows suffer the most overstretching - as a result, the face loses its natural look.

Change in anatomical structures

Altering anatomical structures is another scourge of over-intervention in cosmetic medicine. Fragile structures of the face lose their naturalness. For example, this can happen with lower blepharoplasty, when the shape of the eyes becomes too round.

Unwanted terrain

In addition, excessive trauma to the soft tissues of the face can lead to the formation of an undesirable relief: the skin can become covered with bumps and pits in places where this does not happen during natural aging.

Changing the texture of the skin

Plastic surgery also affects the change in skin texture: there are procedures in which the skin is detached, which can affect its nutrition. As a result of such operations, the skin becomes as if thinned, more whitish, its vascular pattern changes.

Typical makeup

Some clients of plastic surgeons who are unhappy with the result of the operation may hide the flaws of the cosmetic procedures "typical makeup", or extravagant eyeliner and tattoos, as well as other ways to distract attention. Hairstyles can also help hide scars from braces: for example, flowing curls, bangs and many other stylistic tricks.

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