Deputies found new extremists

On Wednesday, the State Duma held a regular meeting of the commission to investigate the facts of interference of foreign states in the internal affairs of Russia. Its chairman, head of the State Duma security committee Vasily Piskarev (United Russia) announced the completion of an investigation into 30 foreign non-governmental organizations and other structures from 16 unfriendly countries. “Earlier, these structures specialized in provoking unrest and separatism in Russia, interfering in elections and promoting drugs, involving teenagers in destructive activities, using various technologies to discredit Russia, and since February of this year, they have been actively involved in anti-Russian activities in the context of a special military operation in Ukraine,” Mr. Piskarev explained. This black list includes, in particular, Svoboda Alliance (Australia), Russian America for Democracy in Russia (USA), the Ark project (which has representatives in more than 40 countries), Danish Friends of Democratic Russia (Denmark) , Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (Lithuania), RUHelp – Russians against the war association (Luxembourg), Free Russia NL community (Netherlands), Human Rights House foundation (Norway), Demokrati-Ja movement (Germany), Forum Free Russia” (Latvia). Based on the results of the investigation, the commission proposed to recognize their activities in Russia as undesirable, and to declare some organizations as extremist.

The deputies also sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office with a request to recognize it as extremist and ban the publication of DOXA. “On its resources, there are instructions on setting fire to Russian military registration and enlistment offices, the police, making Molotov cocktails, and seizing universities,” Mr. Piskarev said. Recall that in January 2021, the DOXA website published a video in which four editors of the publication spoke about the illegality of deductions from students and schoolchildren who participated in actions in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. A criminal case was initiated against the editors for involving minors in dangerous activities (Article 151.2 of the Criminal Code), and in April 2022 they were all sentenced to two years of corrective labor.

Ksenia Veretennikova

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