Coastal cod catch in northern Russia increased by a quarter

In 2022, cod catches from coastal fishing in the Northern Basin (includes the Barents Sea, parts of the Norwegian, Greenland and Kara Seas, as well as adjacent areas of the Arctic Ocean) amounted to 29,900 tons in 2022, which is 24.6% more than in the previous year . Such data was provided to Vedomosti by the Federal Agency for Fishery. The catch of all cod (also includes haddock, burbot, etc.) as a whole also increased by 17.8% to 37,600 tons.

The production of these products, thus, recovered to the level of 2020. The year before last, the catch, on the contrary, fell - by 11.9% (up to 31,900 tons) for cod and by 16.9% (up to 25,000 tons) specifically for cod . This happened because of the claims of the border service of the FSB, after which a number of companies refused to apply for coastal fishing two years ago, says Konstantin Drevetnyak, general director of the Union of Fisheries of the North.

Then the service threatened the fishermen with fines of 200-300% of the cost of the catch if the goods were delivered in a processed form, including after gutting and decapitation. The border guards insisted that in coastal fishing, fishers are required to deliver fish to Russian ports in a live, fresh or chilled form. But it is impossible to fulfill their requirements, according to Drevetnyak, specifically in the Northern Basin, since the journey from the fishing area to the port takes at least two days. Without processing, the fish will deteriorate, the expert explains. Moreover, in the Far East, there was no such problem, since there the companies managed to bring the catch within a day, and in industrial production, deep processing of fish products is allowed.

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