“Christina was drowning in the bathroom”: housekeeper Lucy revealed unknown details of Orbakaite’s life

“Christina was drowning in the bathroom”: housekeeper Lucy revealed unknown details of Orbakaite’s life

- I came to Alla when Kristina was 8 years old, - says Lucy. “And almost immediately she drowned in my bathtub.

– How did it happen?

- When we lived on Gorky Street, I began to rinse it in the bathroom. And there the bath was wide, not like in other apartments. And Christina went under my water. Dipped head first. I still remember this incident.

- Are you scared?

I was more scared for her. I think: “Lord, I’m still going to choke here!” Thank God, everything worked out. Christina grew up as a wonderful child. Of course, her grandmother raised her more.

Alla was very lucky that she had such a mother. Now Alla has no one - there is no one to leave the kids to. And Zinaida Arkhipovna was very good, smart, and she is also a teacher. Studied music with Christina. Such grandmothers, of course, still need to be looked for. Kristina Zinaida Arkhipovna was very fond of. She was more than a mother to her. Alla worked, she had to support her family. Yes, she was still young. She, of course, wanted to make a career. And Zinaida Arkhipovna was with the girl around the clock.

- Capricious?

“Only if it’s about food. When Kristina was at school, we forced her to always eat soups. And she didn't always want to eat them. But not a day went by without soups.

- Did you miss your mom Christina a lot?

- Certainly. What a mother she has! You won't find mothers like that! She is humorous, smart and talented. And what a teacher! Allah could teach anyone anything. A few years ago, Alla had her own vocal school. Alla worked there with the children, and all the parents were delighted.

Did Kristina study well at school?

– Well, there were no questions from the school. Her teachers praised her. Christina still has a very good memory. She always remembered everything. She was loved at school. She never had the arrogance that she was Pugacheva's daughter. Then she started dancing. I brought her and took her to school and to dances. And then the movie "Scarecrow" came out.

- Did she get there thanks to Alla Borisovna?

- No. Christina was an artist right away - her inclinations were visible from childhood. A lot of children tried for the role in Scarecrow, but they chose Christina. And she played very well there. True, she broke her arm during the shooting. We were frightened, did not even want to tell Alla. But she came the next day and saw everything herself. Kristina was put in plaster, but the shooting was not stopped. She studied and worked so that no one saw that her arm was broken. Christina is definitely very talented.

How will you congratulate her on her birthday?

– Christina is not in Russia now, and I don’t have her American number. I'll probably call Philip - I'll ask for the number. I will definitely congratulate you. I always congratulated her before. When she married Volodya Presnyakov, I asked her: “Kristin, what can I give you?” She answered: “I don’t know, Aunt Lucy, see for yourself.” I bought at my own discretion, usually something for the house. For her, you can’t buy anything special - she herself must choose.

- Presnyakov was her first love?

- She loved him very much. But Volodya is not the first love. Christina at one time liked one musical group from Sweden. Three brothers sang there. And Christina really liked the youngest of this group.

- Was Alla Pugacheva against her early relationship with Presnyakov?

How will she object? Alla is a person who does not get involved in love affairs. She never forced suitors on her. Alla never interfered in Christina's life at all. You know how some mothers pull their kids ... She still says: “I never helped Christina in any way. She did everything on her own." It's true. The fact that we have such a Christina is only the merit of Christina herself.

- Christina has changed a lot with the birth of children?

– Of course, it has changed. I remember that after the birth of Danka, she went on tour. And she had one free day. So she got on a plane and flew to Moscow to be with the children. I remember once again I arrived, I told her: “Christine, you have only one day off. You would have rested in a hotel, recovered, slept.” And she says: "I'm better with children."

You know how other artists go to parties, and Christina is always home. She has wonderful children. Nikita from childhood is just a man-man. Day is great too. He is more affectionate. And how he loves Klava, his younger sister! All the time he carried her in his arms or she sat on his shoulders. You look at them and rejoice: indelible water!

- Did Alla love Nikita more?

- Alla - yes, because he is the first. In addition, he is red-haired, in her breed.

- I can’t help but ask, how did Christina accept the appearance in the family of Philip Kirkorov?

“They have an amazing relationship. He loves Christina very much, they have mutual love. So it was right away: Philip always treated her well. They have housing in America. When Philip comes to America, they are always together. There was no such thing that Philip did not call her on her birthday or on Klava's birthday. He loves Christina, Klava, and Alla very much.

- Do you think Alla still loves?

- Why doesn't he love it? Allah is impossible not to love. Of course he loves.

What would you like Christina?

- Health. I really want her family to be all right. And in her family, and in the family of Alla. Unfortunately, there are a lot of evil people out there now. These evil people plot intrigues everywhere, all around. I want these evil people to get away from their family. Thank God that Christina never paid attention to them. Sometimes I read something nasty about her in a magazine, I call: “Christine, did you see it?” And she replies: “Aunt Lucy, do not pay attention. I don’t see it myself and I don’t want to see it.”

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