CCTV: French President Macron's meeting with European business was a signal to the US

The meeting of the head of France, Emmanuel Macron, with representatives of European business was a clear signal to the United States that Europe had "come to its senses" and stood up to protect its interests, they say. This opinion was expressed by the authors for the CCTV article.

Macron hosted a banquet for European entrepreneurs.

“However, it was not just a dinner, but a bitter attempt to keep them in France. Macron tried to send them a signal: stay, don't leave.

In Europe, they are concerned that industrial enterprises will move to the United States. The stable cost of energy and generous subsidies from the US government under the Inflation Reduction Act have not made it attractive.

More and more Europeans, the newspaper writes, see "the true calculation of the United States": to use the crisis in Ukraine to weaken the strategic autonomy of Europe. CCTV believes that Washington wants to cash in on the energy crisis.

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