cash registers will not punch expired goods

A new technology for dealing with expired products is starting to operate in Russia. So far, we are talking about dairy products, the Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation reported.

The new technology uses the Chestny Znak digital marking system, through which information on the expiration date of the product is provided electronically. The essence of the technology is simple: if a customer has expired dairy products in the cart, this will be revealed at the checkout when scanning the “Honest Sign” marking, and such a product will simply be impossible to break through.

As clarified in Rospotrebnadzor, so far the system for blocking the sale of expired dairy products has been launched only in the Magnit chain of stores. However, over time, other retail chains may join the project.

Alena Bodrienko.

Photo by mobile reporter / Moskva agency

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