Cartier opens perfume installation in Paris

From 1 to 11 December, the second installation in a row, designed by Cartier Master Perfumer Mathilde Laurent, opens at the Les Invalides in Paris: it is not only a mesmerizing art object, but also a way to get to know the brand's perfume heritage. The USO (or Unidentified Scented Objects) project is called The Scented Myth and is dedicated to the classic fragrance of the Panther brand, the panther, the main “totem” animal of Cartier since 1914. “The Scented Myth is an immersive installation where light and fragrance meet to create a whole new olfactory experience,” says Mathilde Laurent. The installation was created in close collaboration between Maison Cariter and The Bureau of Extraordinary Affairs London-based design and art centre.

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