Boris Johnson to release 'scandalous evidence' about covid parties

Boris Johnson to release 'scandalous evidence' about covid parties

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to publish "scandalous evidence" about covid parties that should demonstrate his innocence, writes the Telegraph.

Recall that Johnson was caught holding parties at a government residence during a nationwide lockdown in connection with the coronavirus. Then it turned out that there were 2 more parties, one of them before the funeral of Prince Philip, that is, during national mourning. Johnson later apologized and paid the fine.

Among the "evidence" is evidence from Johnson's entourage that coronavirus restrictions were not violated during parties with his participation. The publication said that in his confession, the ex-premier "said what he considered the truth" and "said what he was advised."

Sky News previously reported that Johnson would testify before the Parliamentary Privileges Committee on March 22 in the case of parties during the coronavirus pandemic as part of an ongoing investigation. If the guilt is proven, then Johnson can be suspended from work in the House of Commons for a while, as well as initiate the withdrawal of his deputy mandate.

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