Big Eyes Coin: The Latest Crypto Scam

Big Eyes Coin Scam

You may have already heard of Big Eyes Coin and you may be one of the unlucky ones to have invested into the scam. Unfortunately, you have lost your investment with no possible refund.

Big Eyes Coin at looks like a great project for investment, nice fancy graphics, loot boxes, lots of promises and already generated over $36m USD in investment. In truth, this scam has made under $5m (which is a nice return for the team of 6 scammers running it), advertising $30+ in investment is a trick used to make the coin look more desirable.

Why is Big Eyes Coin a scam?

  1. The team running Big Eyes Coin are well known scammers with ties or are part of the Seesaw & Firepin teams.
  2. The articles on sites such as AnalyticInsigh and Bitcoinist are written by the Big Eyes Coin team. Both websites pushed Seesaw and Firepin on their launch, with 4 to 5 articles daily, very similar to the way they are pushing Big Eyes Coin.
  3. Twitter has no DM for support, with every post you make with a complaint, within 36 hours, the reply is the same "We have forwarded your question to the team that will deal with it". You are also inundated with scam accounts asking you to send a DM.
  4. The Telegram group is full of bots posting gifs in-between questions / complaints to do their best to skip that persons complaint and hide it. If you ask a valid question the admin cannot answer, you become blocked from sending messages in the group.
  5. There are no IOU tokens being distributed through a contract, you can ask, you will not get a reply, maybe a gif or 5 to hide your question after you have become blocked from the group.
  6. The smart contract has a blacklist feature. This can be used to freeze investors crypto from trading.
  7. The developer is anonymous, try to find the dev on GitHub, nothing exists which is very strange considering the capital they have claimed to make already.
  8. There is a moderator in the Telegram group who was part of the LinkSync scam.
  9. Take a look at the complaints of loot boxes missing, there are many.
  10. Absolutely no money has been donated to any charity as Big Eyes promote that they have.

If you have invested already, the best thing you can do now is to stop investing and make others aware of this scam. You may have lost your investment, however, as angry as you are now, the right thing to do is make sure others do not fall into the same trap.